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  • Some photos from my hikes around Porto, Portugal.

  • last week it was pretty hot down there in the Algarve. Already missing it.

  • Very fine gallery Luis 😉

  • Yesterday there was an encounter in a naturist small camp here i the north of Portugal, promoted by a naturist association. I enjoyed meet people a didn’t see for a long time. After some swimming in the pool and before the barbecue I decided to take a stroll, another guy asked to come with me. I said ok and he was the one who took the photo of my…[Read more]

  • Yesterday activities: mass in the morning, naked hike in the afternoon. By the way, I met a couple in the black pool taking a dip – clothed. I had come to the black pool with my shorts on. I was dying to take a dip, but I was going to have my shorts wet. If there were only two people and I noticed the guy was bathing in his briefs, I polited…[Read more]

    • Inspiring photos, Luis.

      I wonder why you asked the couple whether it were ok that you swim naked though, their confused look was probably because you asked them in the first place, I expect. Just my thoughts.

      • Nope. Portugal is not as far as open minded. I once received a very strong negative answer from a girl in a group of teens. It was the only bad response I had. When there’s only guys there I did not bother to ask. I just get naked and dive in, naturally. Bye

        • I understand, Luis. btw. I don’t mean to “insist” that you do this one way or the other, I was only expressing my preference in my circumstances and based on my experience/s. Everyone has to do things the way that suits them and their environment, clearly.

    • It seems like you had a beautiful time in a beautiful place. The swim was just the ideal thing to do. I agree with Richard, perhaps you could just remove your shorts & dive in. In similar situations I have done the same (many years ago). I only once received a scowling/angry face looking at me when I got out of the stream, I just smiled and…[Read more]

      • Hi Patrick
        I don’t know if I told this story before but here goes , I was sitting in my boat a few miles off, in the distance a large yacht was coming toward and me I could see by the set of the sails it would come close and as it did the two couples on board were all nude, one of the guys said clearly I think that chap is naked as well but it…[Read more]

    • Ah, Luis, you tempt me to come to Portugal. I was there (Lisboa) only once: 1972 with an InterRail ticket, I was 19!!!
      The picture of the Mosteiro Leça do Bailo is wonderful, evocative. Did you take it in the morning? Thanks for this gift.

      • Yes I took the photo in the morning around 8 am that is the hour that I usuaLly go to church. Come, antonio. Algarve has beautiful places to hang naked. Buona giornata

  • Old haunted country house and its naked ghost…

    • Lovely old house. Looks a lot like the limestone farmhouses you see in Yorkshire. Mainly because of th stone, door and window, lintels. Lovely contrasting shot!

      • This is and old “quinta” (farm) just beside of Douro river. It has been abandoned for some years. I used to pass in front of the gate, facing the river, that opened to an old path. The one i used to walk naked for a couple of years. Two days ago, I went a to a wrong turn on the path and finished inside the property. Then i saw that all the…[Read more]

  • Nothing like a dip in the water after a good naked hiking.

  • Saint John commemorations at Porto. Weather is bad, so better is to hammer down (or be hammer) people in the streets…

  • Walk next to the beach…

  • 8km walk yesterday until the top of mount at the sanctuary. Weather was overcast and even rained, but turned into sunny. Unfortunately, today we have a stormy day.

    • Looks like a wonderful walk Louis!

    • Why did you walk to the Sanctuàrio de Nossa Senhora da Assunçao? There is a most comfortable road 🙂 Your pics show how much you enjoyed your walk there

      • Yes Nossa Senhora de Assunção. Do you know it? There is a road, yes, but you cannot walk nude in there, so i used one of the many trails from a little village at the foot of the mount until the top. And yes it was very good walk. Now i am used to climbing so i don´t get tired so soon. The views are great. Thank you Vittorio.

        • Alas, I’ve never been there. I’m curious about every location in your pics. I see a particular fascinating light and warm colours that envelop everything. Postcard Portugal is not the same as in your pictures. Sooner or later I’ll learn Portuguese: except nasal sounds, it is not so far from Italian.

          • Italiano is very close to Portuguese, as you say. Brazilian Portuguese is even closer cause we Brazilians speak all vowels in the same open way, just like Italians. When I was there I pretty understand most of what hear. Thanks for the compliment of my photos, I try to frame each photo in a different way and play with the light. In fact, what I…[Read more]

            • Well said, most in my style. Strange is that I perceive something beyond the picture not at the moment I take it, but when I see it on the monitor. This way is also vaguely present when I walk, but every picture has something new to say I don’t see immediately. I’m glad to share with you the same views and perceptions

    • great place to take a walk, esp if one is au natural thanks for the post and the further information

  • Two days at a naturist camping 450km from home (Alentejo). Monte naturista o barão. It was windy too much and cold for this time of year. At least I managed to go the closest nudist beach (Salto) that is protected from the cold wind). It was a very good afternoon. I saw some friends and returned home today.

  • Yesterday’s walk. The same mount, but from the other side.

    • We have lots of windmills here too. Appropriate enough for Cervantes country, although it did surprise me that Spain had so many wind generation plants. I was expecting solar panels!

      • Richard, you have to understand that this excess of windmills it was because most of them were subsized by the government. So in the end it was payed by tax money. It caused a rush in energy companies to start selling and produce windmills. Solar panels also had the same effect but minor scale. After the crash in 2009 all this free money finished…[Read more]

  • Yesterday was so windy and fresh so I decided to climb a little. I went again to a highland next to the Douro river but this time I went to the top. I only wear my shorts for 15 min when returning.

  • Before (2005) and after (2019)

  • My Sunday activities: first and more important: mass and communion with My Lord, then I went to a exposition of one of my favourite artist M. Escher and then a (cold) skinny dipping at the mouth of Douro river on a very fresh day. That’s all.

  • My passions. Besides my daughter, of course.

  • The best naturist experience for me is when I found myself alone. This happened two days ago. It was a very windy day and nobody was walking along the beach, preferring to chose the path behind the dunes. That made the beach all for myself. It is the best experience for me. Alone in the nature. I even had time to have my snack (a banana) in the…[Read more]

  • Heading back to Portugal, I stopped at this wonderful beach, called Mexota, just at the border of Asturias and Galicia, near Ribadeo. Is a kind of wild beach. The road is Rocky and dusty. The beach is great. It was around 18c and windy at the top but down at the beach was warm enough to get naked. I was the only one in the beach… Walked to the…[Read more]

    • Sky looks a bit cloudy

    • Unfortunately, cruising and dogging activity is a problem around well known naturist spots. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The last time I was at a well-known naturist beach, I was approached by a stray gay male with a “hi, how’re you doing?” When women say they are feeling predatory eyes on them at the beach, I can tell you, us guys are…[Read more]

      • It seems to they that every line male is gay and is looking for some “adventure”. The worst is that sometimes I was followed by some of these guys. Yesterday I descended naked to the (empty) beach and passed by the sea to the other side. When I returned I saw there were tennis shoes footprints following mine. Maybe they thought I wanted some hot…[Read more]

      • Had a similar experience at a resort following a 5k several years ago. Very uncomfortable.

      • Have the same experience every now and again at Mar Bella beach in Barcelona which is why I prefer the nudist beach at Badalona some 20 minutes along the coast, family orientated and no funny business at all ))

      • has happened a number of times to me at the nude beach I have been to several times…… spoils the day

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