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  • My first time at a public naturist resort. I’m hooked, I want to live here.

    • Welcome to the world of public naturism, and a belated welcome to this site. You have discovered the same dilemma that a lot of us have. Hopefully you will be able to find a good balance for you.

    • I hope to make my first visit to a resort this week. I hope my my experience is as positive as yours. Thank you for sharing.

    • Good for you! Welcome to naturism, social (& private) nakedness where the entire body is free & able to enjoy all that nature created. All senses are brought fully to life when you walk among other naturists and can greet everyone with a huge smile of contentment & shared understanding of…… NATURE !

    • Looking very comfy there, and the welcome garden by the sign is fun too.

    • Girlfriend and I are going to Bare Oaks end of August. It’ll be our first time there and only second visit to a naturist place, last summer we went to La Pommerie near Montreal. Hope you had fun.

      • Hey Sonny – I think the two of you will enjoy Bare Oaks. I’m hoping to get to Oka Beach this summer. Cheers!

    • I’ll be visiting there June 2nd and/or 8th. Looking forward to meeting like minded people.

      • I was hoping to get back there today, it’s too cold out there and will be getting colder as the day progresses.

    • yes indeed, it is wonderful to experience and quite addictive hope it is the first of many visits

    • That’s the exact same way I felt when I visited a nudist resort for the first time. 🙂

  • I;m ready for the weekend.

  • Being nude is so relaxing, let’s all get nude and chill.

  • A quick coffee before I go out and shovel.

  • Good morning everyone, who wants coffee?

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