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NO FOOTPRINT LIFESTYLEI desire to live in a community with people who are interested to dont do it ecological footprint at all,violence and dont using money.Also dont take drugs,smoke or drink alcohol.I dont leave nobody suffer for me not even nature therefore I want to eliminate my ecological footprint,dont want violence and for eight years dont use money – live only from the waste of others or from the nature when she voluntarily gives – dropped fruit from the tree.Idont use madicaments,drugs,smoke,drink alcohol,coffee,tea,herbal tea,dont drink or eat anything warm,dont do it fire,heat up in winter,light at night,because I respect the nature order by keeping the longer night at winter,shorter in summer,light at fulmoon,coldness at winter and warmness at summer. Also dont cooling environment , food or drink . I travel by foot and live in nature.Fire burns oxygen which is for breathing and disturb the natural temperature and light / darkness . Deadfall wood also serve as the home of small animals needed for the forest , in addition the slow decay heats . Basically I am against any encroachment and prettification of body as a make up,perfuming,cutting,colouring,tattooing,piercing,dreads,pendants,wristlets,embellishment,earring.I would like to live in society of similar people,friends who like each others and with interest strike to live together,agree with simple healthy lifestyle not contaminate the environment,waste it,use it electricity,cars,aircrafts to fly,diapers…etc,follow own intuition and the message of Hopi tribe.The community I intend find,create or hitchhike sailing ship across the Atlantic for give rise to the tribe in the Amazon because I dont understand why I should not have the right to live in a natural tribe that 1. child could get the name we feel 2. not have go to the doctor 3. to school 4. be registrated 5. did not have to carry documents,chip or something similar – I dont feel like a criminal 6. can be naked.Till now I am not there because I dont go yet throught all of the possibilities of Europe.I want have the right to be free or get from the government freely accesible reservation with own government independent of the state where I can live with clear conscience,in very close connection with nature , honour the mother earth,live modestly,dont own property and be protected as a nature tribe.Europe force me to leave by unwillingness to accept my ” unconventional ” lifestyle because not to allowed lawfully to dont do it ecological footprint and dont contaminate the environment.Of course I also fully dont know tummo and breatharianism nor unexpect that for the community find people who already yes,but I would like to show the direction which I intend to go that kindred spirits can join,so I am willing to make it provisionally compromises if the people will cost for this.I imagine community of 5.000 people but I dont looking for agriculture or growing – only fruits of the wild nature or temporary from the waste of others or prana because in realistic I dont will work with hoe at the garden when surrounding garbage bins overflow by food.With eliminate my ecological footprint I have bad conscience from occasionally using internet and hitchhiking when was not time and looking for how to fix it.truth,revelation of truth,love,pure nature,wild nature,zero footprint first,gaia,deep ecology,freeganism,dumpster diving,tribe,diy,consensus,brotherhood,fair play,self-sufficiency,independence,understanding,honesty,clear conscience,human rights,healing,prana,breatharianism,jainism,tummo,vipassana,intuition,harmony,forgivenessDiy improvements to assemble community. there is no need to wash in washing powder,is sufice in water from the ashes or clothes hang in air,wind and rain or put in river or sea and it will wash itself. travel by foot or hitchhike sailing ship across the oceans. live in the nature,shelters create by nature – caves,tipi or abandoned bildings. wash your self in the stream or river,be enough attentive to go into your self,when think rightly,movement of the body is harmonic,dont stink,are not dirty and feel clean by good intentions and deedshome birth. no diapers method. ability to prepare food from wild nature -fruits,wild plants,garden or waste of others or began to breatharian and retune in prana as Jasmuheen and Henri Monfort.no heat up in winter but use for introspection,inwards,calming,bigger relaxation and sleeping,to skill Tummo : warming your self by raise inner fire by breath,make it stronger warm of your heart by good deeds and thoughts or migrate to warm place. the dark at night also use for introspection,inwards and calming,dont shine light at night but learn patience by waiting for daylight. clothes and shoes make it from wild nature provide material,waste of others or be naked and barefooted in nature. heal by fasting,hunger,calm,time and introspective searching own faults and reason of the ilness – truth will set you free,also be decide to die. learn itself reparation teeth by dental reminalisation. toilet in forest,meadow,far in the field,wipe by dry grass,dropped leaves or learn to excrete solid shit unecessary wipe or stop eat. drink water from river,stream – choose more clean,simultaneously train your self to more poluted. learn what is intuitively coming interesting to you. at times stay alone, sometimes with people – is the same important solitude as a society. in general is beneficial in good get on with everyone,avoid conflicts and negative quality in behaviour,be kind,affable,telling truth – honesty is the best policy.Also dont be weighted by drugs,alcohol or stimulants as a coffee or teasmell of the truth will outdoid all of the smellsbeauty of the truth will outdoid all of the beautiesprotection of the truth will outdoid all of the protectionespower of the truth will outdoid all of the forcesfame of the truth will outdoid all of the famesDo you contribute also with some improvements ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN9FQM7ZWGA






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