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On violence & the world situation

September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Greetings fellow souls. I wrote this last night and am sharing it with you all because I know this Blog reaches a world-wide audience. This posting was written as I was watching the late, late evening news, thinking about the world situation and browsing another blog on tumblr; then I noticed someone else's brief post on violence and I knew I must write. Please read it to the end and if you find something worth deep consideration in it, by all means, please do. Think on it. Share it. Redistribute it elsewhere – even without credit. The thoughts are "Open" and free.

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The thing about violence is that it is rather contagious , isn’t it? I mean, for humans when one group does violence on another for whatever reason, the injured group feels hurt. What is the reaction? To strike back, to seek retribution, to retaliate. Does the issue of violence remain contained in one area, one village, one city or one country? No. Violence is a social disruptor . Violence disrupts the homeostasis of a well-balanced system, it is not the sole cause of disruption but the result of contributing factors such as economic upheaval, drought, lack of agricultural resources, or a combination of multiple factors. The excuse of violence in the name of adherence to religious precepts is something done out of sheer frustration! When a massive population is trapped in a small region with too few resources and an inability to relocate, I understand violence can become a tool for change!

How we receive the survivors of violence and how they are handled really says the most about the rest of the world. If people cannot survive in one area of the world , how is it morally right or helpful to even say, ‘You cannot leave that area!’ or attempt to force them to return and fight for their patch of dirt?

I suggest the world create a resettlement city somewhere with available water, farmable land and immediately relocate all the refugees to it. Tent cities and temporary refugee camps should only be temporary! If the world desires to demonstrate a higher capacity for compassion and caring, then WE MUST rescue our fellow humans no matter what the cost!

If the situation were a natural disaster such as a volcano or earthquake and 30,000, 50,000 or 100,000 people were permanently displaced, I would hope the world could somehow unite behind the idea of permanent relocation.

If necessary, track the cost of relocation and create a shared debt account the survivors can repay or pay-down over time. In this way the world would not be permanently “picking up the tab” for settlement, only temporarily doing it.

If we collectively exercised our peaceful willpower and selected an area where people are needed to boost an economy, then I suggest a group of refugees this size could be a powerful tool of economic transformation! If the American city of Detroit were capable of receiving this number of displaced people, then a refugee group of this size could reasonably transform the area into a completely new, revitalized metropolis. Sadly, the people of Detroit might need to be relocated to somewhere “better” themselves in the near future!

Where in the world could the refugees of Syria and other Middle Eastern countries be resettled, by military airlift if necessary, to permanently resettle them? If somewhere in the world had a disaster larger than Chernobyl or Fukushima , what would we do? Where would the people go? Would it be morally just to “force” the people or economy of one nation to absorb the cost of recovering from such an event?

This opportunity to could the one which proves we are better, we are capable, and a solution to any problem in the world is possible!

Let ISIS or ISIL say anything bad about the world not caring AFTER we have rescued a huge number of their victims!

* * *

I think there needs to be a global emergency fund, but really have no idea who could manage it. I do not want to criticize any existing organization or suggest any one (U.N.) expand its area of responsibility, because I do not know enough about any of these matters to suggest that. Maybe the Red Cross or Red Crescent could do it.. (again) I simply do not know. If we can spend millions or billions of dollars per month engaging in a war, then it should be EASILY justifiable to spend several millions in one month to justify a LARGE rescue mission.

Why nudity? Learning to swim

September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

(This writing was inspired by a couple of women planning to visit Hampton beach in New Hampshire and a series of two article on those events. Topfreedom is legal in New Hampshire, but practically no people were taking advantage of that until these two came along.)

The thought occurred to me this morning that human beings interest in being nude socially, understanding a more simple definition of nudity and mastering the feelings we have while nude is a bit like swimming.

Swimming is not something we do “naturally”, ideas of evolution set aside and the fact that human babies can be and are birthed underwater and then brought to the surface for our first breath, the fact is water is a foreign environment to us. We are told to “stay away from the water” and be careful near the water; important messages and lessons which insure our survival as a species.

It occurs to me that nudity is a bit like this too! Being naked is perfectly acceptable to us when we are very young, as babies and children, but as we get older our parents, teachers, ministers (frequently) and others warn us of the risks of nudity; seeing it, being nude and the things that may happen when we are together while nude.

So while nudity is not a “foreign environment”, very early in life we are conditioned to “fear” it, be cautious of it and to not take risks with it! Why? Can nudity kill you? Is it possible to be so distracted by nudity even for a brief instant, that we forget to do another thing safely and may die? Yes, oh yes it is; but only when humans engage in multiple “risky” things at the same time. An example of this might be nude sky-diving! If you are doing that, you definitely need to focus your attention on the task of safely deploying the parachute and NOT being distracted by the amazing sensations resulting from also being nude.

Other similarities: Swimming is fun! Swimming feels amazing! Swimming excites us because of the very risks associated with doing it, the care we must take while doing it, and a combination of the mental and physical exertion required of doing it for any length of time (more than 15 or 20 minutes, for example). Yet we love it!

I suggest these very same reasons may be why some people desire the freedom to go nude at a beach. Nudity is fun! Nudity feels amazing! Nudity excites us because of the very risks associated with doing it, the care we must take while doing it.

It may even be that some of the feelings and ideas driving certain humans to seek out nudity inappropriately are because of the fact they DO NOT get to practice being nude in social situations and have feelings caused by nudity they do not know how to handle. They have not mastered the excitement felt in nude situations in exactly the same way someone feels panic if they are dumped into water without knowledge of swimming! Yes, there is an element of excitement, but there is also an element of fear simply because we do not know what is in the water, and we may not know how long we will be in the water or for a few brief instants, whether we will ever get out of the water and be safe again!

What does all this mean: The best way for humans to understand nudity in a social situation is to practice it. Therefore we should have legally permitted topless and clothing-optional beaches, and we should at least think about the act of embracing the feelings (and the fears) we have about nudity. We might even want to go so far as to encourage people coming to the fringes of nude beaches to come over and join us! Introduce ourselves, shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye and perhaps even give them a hug and say, “Hello! Please, come meet my husband” or “Come meet my family”. Because we know only through practice can we learn to do something correctly, safely and well.

Maybe if this approach were used a little more frequently, then many more people would understand social nudity, accept it a bit more and come to master the feelings associated with doing it. There would be no people hanging out on the fringes because we would all “know how to swim”.

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