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I am a member of British Naturists.When I was in my early 30s my partner and I were very much into naturism whether in the home or on on a secluded south coast beach. Our relationship ended when my work took me north. Fast forward many years and now, like so many others, I find myself single again through no fault of my own, stepping gingerly through the minefield of courtship once again. I`m from a working class background and my feet are firmly on the ground! I have my own business which keeps me occupied!But all work and no play …… I want to fill that gap in my personal life and find a new mate, one that is familiar with naturism and will help ease me back into it.I am an easy going, very tactile, romantic and caring sort and would like to find a lady with similar qualities. I am not necessarily looking for some super dolly eye-candy, but I would like to find someone who does at least take care of themselves. I offer honesty and loyalty and expect the same in return. I attend loads of black-tie (but not posh) dinners so my new mate would need to be comfortable in that scenario as well as dressing down (e. g. jeans/jumper – or less!!) for a day in the country with a pub lunch.My music tastes are unbelievable varied so whatever you like its odds on that I will too! I`m a great animal lover although I don`t have any pets. Out at work all day plus an active social life is not fair on the poor critters.I am in the process of giving up smoking having recently bought one of those new electronic cigarettes. If you are a non-smoker then fantastic. If you are a smoker that doesn`t necessarily rule you out either. If I have ignited even a tiny spark of interest then don`t pass me by – it could turn into an inferno of red hot romance. I`m waiting to hear from you. Jim x

Who I'd like to meet

Couples and single ladies who are genuine naturists. Sexual orientation doesn't bother me at all, but guys, if its a gay relationship you are looking for then please look elsewhere – its not for me!



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