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  • Just created a new meme.

    • Excellent espirit d’corps – and exactly the attitude to take naturism and nudism and so on screaming and kicking into the 21st century (still). Lovely cover, Lim.

      • I agree totally, that’s a way we could all push forward the reality & pleasure of naturism. I think anyone who just happens to meet a naked person out in the countryside isn’t likely to be taking a picture. (Unless they happen to be gathering ‘evidence’ for the police report they intend to make?). Go forward with pride & enthusiasm Lim !

    • Thanks, Richard and Patrick. The whole thing started when I got really fed up seeing so many ‘naturist’ photos of backsides. Every ‘naturist’ photo I came across showed the naturist turning his back to the camera. I was utterly sick of the hypocrisy and dishonesty of people who say nudity is natural and not something to be ashamed of but every…[Read more]

      • You know we’re of the same mind on this front, Lim. It’s good to see solid blogs posted on the topic too. Feel free to put some of those blogs on here, too. If you have the time and the inlicination.

        • Yes, I know your stand on this and how like-minded we are which is why NEWT is just right for me. I can’t join groups that ban the camera. If I can easily copy the blog posts over here, I don’t mind. But I’m not an IT guy and blogger is just right for me. It’s very easy to post something. All my photos are already uploaded on Google. When I write…[Read more]

    • And then I saw a post on his blog with a meme. I created my own meme and posted both of them here: https://mynaturistphotodiary.blogspot.com/2019/02/naturist-memes.html

      I notice I’m always fighting with loud closet naturists. These are the ones who post countless memes telling people not to be ashamed of their nudity but they themselves hide…[Read more]

      • Agreed. If one is going to claim that nudity is not shameful, then one should not be ashamed of being nude.

        • But you won’t believe the kind of opposition I get from loud closet nudists. There is a group of people who call themselves nudists but they love to show their genitals with their faces covered. I have always argued that these people are not naturists at all. They are flashers. I know a lot of non-naturists who get a perverted thrill from that…[Read more]

  • Where else but…

  • With John (Irish John)

  • Far from the madding crowd.

    @NEWT 2018

  • With Pascal.

  • Kung Fu training helps toughen up my strength, especially my leg strength which I will need for NEWT 2018 and the Swiss-Saxony hike.

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