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September 24, 2020 in Art

I've decided to show some respect to a 300-year-old Bohemian composer and play his concerto PROPERLY. That means daily practice and for lazy me, that's a tall order indeed.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival Day

June 25, 2020 in Lifestyle

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! It's the day we eat dumplings made of rice and pork. It's not as famous as Christmas but it's older. It's observed on a different day every year because it follows a different calendar.


June 18, 2020 in Lifestyle

I used to scoff at ebooks. Now I swear by them. Believe it or not; I'm holding on to a few hundred books. The book I'm reading has almost 2000 pages. I was hoping to read in the sun but 15 mins after I took this pic, it poured.

10 June 2020 – Hiking in the tropics.

June 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

[I will try posting this again. My earlier post didn't work and I couldn't edit or delete it]
Last night I was told my flight in July was cancelled. If I can't go hiking in Germany and Austria, there's always the tropical jungles I can hike in which I did today (10 June 2020). How apt. Hiking in my birthday suit on my birthday.

10 June 2020

June 11, 2020 in Uncategorized

Last night I was told my flight in July was cancelled. If I can't go hiking in Germany and Austria, there's always the tropical jungles I can hike in.

Happy Nude Gardening Day 2020

May 2, 2020 in Lifestyle

Hi guys! 

I would never have believed that I would live to see the world in such a state. I have my own strong view that all the great and powerful countries should band together and hold the Communist regime accountable for this mess but I get excoriated for being a "racist" (but how can that be when I am ethnically the same as Xi Jinping - I can't stand the guy but I wouldn't be surprised if I get beaten up one day for looking like him!!!). But I don't want to say controversial things in my naturist blog and anyway, today is Nude Gardening Day (2 May 2020) and for the love of all humanity and the love of all creatures both great and small (which means all wildlife markets must be banned and people in a certain country must stop eating all the disgusting things that the arch-Communist Mao Zedong introduced to them in the 1960s when there was a famine every year - OK, no politics), I do wish all my naturist friends a HAPPY NUDE GARDENING DAY.

The lockdown in my country means we aren't getting gardeners for an indefinite period of time and so it's the nose to the grindstone for all of us. I did a lot of gardening today and a single photo won't do justice to the monumental amount of hard work I've put in. Only a montage will do.


Goodbye, Rotten Apple!

January 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

I used to be an Apple fan and I couldn’t imagine life without Apple. The first stroke of epiphany came when my wife ditched her iPhone and got herself an Android. I played around with her phone and I knew I had been shortchanged all these years using an iPhone. You see, the iPhone is always several years behind other phones. For a long time I couldn’t understand why the iPhone camera did not have a self-timer. It was only halfway through iPhone 4 when Apple decided to include this essential feature in their phones. But I discovered that Android users had for years enjoyed more than the self-timer. Samsung even had the voice control when you want to take a pic. I ditched my iPhone and got myself the latest Samsung and there was no turning back. Because I had discovered what a gem other phones were. But I stuck on to my MacBook Pro because I couldn’t imagine life without a MacBook. Even before the MacBook, I was a PowerBook user. Last week, I needed to get another laptop but Apple which is infamous for not ever listening to their customers (they don’t have customers; they have devotees) have removed all USB ports and SD card readers from their new MacBooks. A month ago, my wife was again the first to try out the new MacBook Pro and she hated it. The external USB port sold by Apple didn’t work very well for her. She switched to a PC notebook and she told me to give it a try which I did last week. I can’t live with a laptop that has no USB ports and no SD card reader and I don’t want external units for these essential items. So I bought myself a PC notebook and wow, I felt like I was Buddha receiving Enlightenment after sitting for days under the bodhi tree (whatever that may be). You see, I discovered to my horror that I had been shortchanged for years. All PC companies do not use the Intel i5 processor because it’s too slow. At most, they leave these crummy processors to their budget low-end computers. But Apple uses only the i5 processor for all their computers, even their high-end MacBook Pro models. Apple users can only hope to use the i7 processors when PC users have gone on to perhaps an i10 processor. Don’t forget, Apple is always years behind its competitors whether we’re talking about the phone or the computer.

Now that I’m using a REAL computer as opposed to a Rotten Apple, I can see how fast everything I do on the computer can be. It’s easier for me to look through thousands of my photos at one go because the PC is just so much faster. You can’t blame an Apple computer. It’s only working on an Intel processor that other computers discard to their budget units. I can now have access to a lot more photos and a lot faster and I found this one which I had overlooked because I used to be a MacBook user.

<img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/32f64af008c0f7acc02e5496ae4dfb5b/tumblr_p1zld6KOnN1tk6duwo1_500.jpg">

Why NEWT is so special

August 14, 2017 in Naktiv

I am never comfortable in any clandestine activity nor will I ever attend secret meetings. I am an open person by nature and everything I do must be open to photography and subject to blogging. I can't attend a party or go for a walk in which photography is forbidden. The only activity that I can think of where cameras are forbidden is a criminal one. And yet many nudist resorts and nudist activities have this no-photography rule as if nudity were a crime.

NEWT is one of the very few naturist activities I can think of which treat nudity as perfectly normal. My wife who isn't a naturist once chided me when she saw my many blogs on naturism. She said, 'You behave towards the photos of your nude hiking as if they are photos taken at your kids' birthday party.' Wow! That was a compliment because that's precisely the way I want to treat the nude photos. They are no different from pics taken at a child's birthday party. Nudity is decent, natural and right.

I don't want to go into my usual tirade against the so-called 'naturist' activities and resorts organised by people who don't see nudity as truly natural and would go so far as to ban the camera. Whatever excuses they may give are usually nothing more than lies. To say that they treat nudity as perfectly natural is a foul lie. I have nothing to do with such activities because in my mind, you only ban the camera if what you do is criminal and wrong and since nudity is neither, I can't attend such activities.

NEWT is the ideal activity for naturists who truly believe in naturism. People with unresolved issues about nudity may find the free photography daunting but it's easy to get used to it if the person is truly a naturist. All it takes is one snap of the camera and he or she quickly discovers that there is no pain from the camera flash. The person's problem with nudity is immediately resolved. This is why I always tell people who are concerned about being photographed by others to attend NEWT. The fear of being photographed is an irrational phobia that can only be overcome by having more photographs taken. What better place is there to do this than at NEWT where the scenery is breathtakingly astounding?

Once the person has got over the phobia, he will be thankful that there are so many people who are happy to take pics. I find the free photography policy at NEWT very encouraging because I usually get pics taken of myself in places that are really beautiful and I'm sometimes surprised I've even been to those places. From my experience, photos taken of me by others are usually far better than those I take of myself. That is why I'm delighted when others are so kind as to take photos of me. When the photos are subsequently shared, their pics of me are usually the ones I use as my future profile pics.

Here's a pic in which I posed for my camera at the rapids. I was fortunate to have four other photographers taking pics of me at the same time (as you can see from this photo - they are on the bridge). And I can assure you all four of them are better than me at photography.

<img src="https://www.naktiv.net/file/pic/photo/2017/08/c15c1c3a1b1fad0d01712ace1043c2ef_500.jpg">

The Self-confessed Hedonist

June 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

<img src="http://68.media.tumblr.com/9ab73ffd57dda9d2c115df914b3714e1/tumblr_os5ml8dK0a1tk6duwo1_1280.jpg" alt="Suntanning" width="738" height=864">

Hedonism has a rather negative connotation these days. It carries with it ideas of debauchery and wanton living. But that was not the original philosophical concept of hedonism. A hedonist has always been one whose philosophical goal and purpose is the pursuit of happiness and pleasure, which is perfectly legitimate, by any standard.

The above photo was taken on 23 June 2017. I had wanted to tan myself in the sun while reading a book and drinking an exotic Chinese plum juice. But as luck would have it, as I was setting up my camera (yes, like most East Asians, I’m a selfie addict), it started to rain. My camera and phone are waterproof but my book is not. I decided not to let the bad weather put me out of humour and so I continued basking in the very light drizzle (which was quite pleasant) while reading from my phone and drinking my exotic plum juice. A hedonist will not let the weather ruin his plan. He makes the best of everything because, really, life is very pleasurable whether you bask in the sun or lie on a mat in the light rain. Later, the rain became a bit heavier, and my happiness scales showed me quite clearly that staying indoors would be more pleasant and so into my house I went.

When I was a boy, I chanced on a book by Edward de Bono called ‘The Happiness Purpose’. As I read the book, I had this curious feeling that de Bono must have by some means of telepathy filched his ideas from me. Because everything he wrote about how to achieve maximum happiness had always been a part of the principles of my life for me since birth. He was vocalising what I had always been practising.

Many people don’t understand what is really meant by the pursuit of happiness and pleasure. They assume that if a person seeks pleasure, he will probably have multiple sex partners, will drink in excess, smoke, do drugs, etc. Nothing is further from the truth than that. Excessive anything only contributes to the destruction of happiness and pleasure. Being faithful to one’s spouse actually goes a long way in contributing to real happiness and pleasure. But of course we are all not the same and we aren’t all immersed in the same circumstances and so what works for me may not do so for others. We all have our different routes to happiness and the purpose of life is to find the best route to maximum happiness and pleasure.

One universal truth I have discovered is that if you allow anything negative into your life, it’s sure to take away your happiness and pleasure. It may seem to give you pleasure or happiness in the short term but it’s sure to be ultimately inimical to happiness and pleasure in the long term. Long term happiness is much more desirable than a fleeting one. Hatred and evil (the two most negative forces) must be firmly repudiated. You must avoid people who are out to hurt you but you must never hate them or plot their ruin. Hate and evil are self-destructive forces that must be the hedonist’s greatest enemy.

Be a hedonist - make the best of everything and always see the funny side of everything. And never allow negative forces to enter your heart.

An eye for beauty

March 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have long realised that there are some of us who are born artistic and some of us who are sadly not. If the artistic ones were to play a musical instrument, you could tell they are talented. If they go into photography, you can be sure their talent can be seen in the photos that they take. Many things in my life have convinced me that I am not one of these artists and I'm quite accepting of that. Not everyone is an artist.

An artist is one who has an eye for beauty. I just saw this pic which was taken by Jacques Marie and immediately, I was stunned by its beauty. I mean just look at it. In the pic, you can see me getting myself photographed but as usual, I chose the wrong angle. That's because I have no eye for beauty. I just wanted my pic to be taken with the cows and I forgot the mountains in front of me.

<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Pdr2dGvA3JSgn3qBA4h16xQuEV7vmvG4hlPKssfZbcDG_AclCGPSVb2kjWjN1Ulz9-jgsq8Yar-kwZks2NN3wHiEAu_lfYEKNKWcdauZlRf8Mc-PniRTlqRjcPK-A5TBNV5LJsYKpc0aUTAl9qPeUUYSjV8jJN5mMqoIvsNFiMfLgIQBMBEhEXoLfMi2lb5gDKwU0YdnzBHkYyqh3fAOOBm3tzjJQ0IFV59bOOFQJkedcmNlc9rZm1GDWnVYhcoNiIuOiS9xOxabcQsVx631GceOrGpjFqrC01DR7dfLbXDGHXxwMUKKUTAldxSz4HBFDRfAT8c2qano28HfveNIrr6yj0Scu-_ErzXE5NpsRtZFcCCvT-gt_sAWuj5cOud3V-84ZsF-VRY0uAK9bzZxzNGYkvDQpiUuJxYieuRQjCpr6kmNaNXXS7u_yXE85-eHLj26-hMHPIUYTjiKp3fs2vOIa82vJ4z02wCLgeiW1vqoGl-8voXdH36cW4dPNWSsPqgSJskAaUXz_isXUl_dWxPqSGcpYDsKIUAppr9AFRAeGpRk49VpMKCgD4IgaUqLyKebYK6uqagg366tfm8bOkXE1dXHjRB3kBJtsQ0L_AF2VGHUKGYiidbRMQRAUZuR7dCQHjIXmZXEhPNJw4gd4hlTmFUOlrPXUOt6tqotRGQ=w660-h398-no">

I have decided that for this year's NEWT 2017, I will look out for a good scenery before I take pics. I must be alert for beautiful photo opportunities. People who are just like me, ie those who lack artistic talent can still take good pics but we have to consciously look out for the beauty around us. Frequently, because the mountains are so beautiful, we become so intoxicated by the surrounding beauty that we forget that some angles are more beautiful than others.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

January 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

<img src="http://68.media.tumblr.com/53d96941f6c8953b78a9de134d1fa52e/tumblr_okfwp078YD1tk6duwo1_1280.jpg">

Happy New Year!!! It’s the Year of the Cock or if I must consider American sensitivity, the Year of the Rooster. You may not realise it but it’s probably one of the oldest new year celebrations in the world. It probably started in 2300 BC (that’s more than 2000 years before Christ!) but celebrations were on a small scale then. The celebrations became bigger when the New Year was turned into a religious ceremony in the Shang Dynasty (1766 BC - 1122 BC).

It was only in the Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220) that bamboo was first placed in fire to make a loud cracking sound and loud sounds were thought to chase away the forces of evil. That explains the connection of bamboo trees with the Chinese New Year or any Chinese painting for that matter. As you can see, I’m standing among bamboo trees for good effect.

It was only in the Wei Dynasty (AD 220 - AD 265) when fireworks were first used for new year celebrations.

But celebrants are usually required to put on red clothes, red being the traditional auspicious colour. Going nude while wishing others “Xin nian kuai le” or “Happy New Year” is not really what Confucian scholars would approve. But I thought since my skin was already burnt to almost a red hue, I was good enough to pass off as the auspicious colour.

Health check

January 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac but we naturists should feel comfortable with our bodies and we should go for regular check-ups just to ensure we are ok. I say this because recently, a friend of mine who's only two years older than me discovered he had Stage 4 prostate cancer. And he looks even healthier and more energetic than most of us. Most of us neglect going for health screening because we usually just don't think we'd get it.

Last November, I did my colonoscopy and I also went for all the cancer markers which proved negative. The PSA which is a marker for prostate cancer was normal - 2.4 - anything under 4 is normal. But I understand that the PSA can sometimes be unreliable. This afternoon, I saw my urologist who did a prostate ultra-sound scan and a physical examination (the latter of which is rather uncomfortable). My knowledge of the human anatomy is quite inadequate - before today, I didn't exactly know where the prostate was and I was a little surprised when the urologist told me what he was going to do. I almost reminded him it was a prostate examination and not to see if I had piles.

Anyway, he said I was in perfect condition, at least, urologically. Some of my friends think I'm a hypochondriac and perhaps I am. But if you think about it, a simple check up that doesn't take up much time and apart from a minor discomfort was totally painless can save us from something as serious as cancer.

My advice is just go for it. Better be a hypochondriac and live.

Shout it from the rooftops!

January 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, a friend posted something on my social media to ask me to recommend a pair of hiking boots. I gave him the brand I use and I seized the opportunity to tell him about where I had used them to hike in last year and I included both my nude hiking in the mountains of Taiwan and of course the NEWT Alpine hiking. My kid who read it told me, 'But he only wanted a recommendation of boots and you went into a long story about naturist hiking'. But you see, I had an agenda. This morning, I reaped the reward. A friend of mine who was dead opposed to naturism and who would always avoid any post of mine about naturism posted something on that thread. She spoke about my recommendation at great length. You may ask what's the big deal?

Here's the big deal. When we talk about our own naturist experiences and we continue to talk about them, a time will come when the idea of nudity becomes normal and acceptable. I believe the world is so negative towards naturism because of sheer ignorance about it. When 99.999% of nude photos on the internet are pornographic in nature and many naturists are hiding their faces and genitals or turning their backs to the camera, what chance is there for nudity to be normalised in the minds of this degenerate world? If we keep posting our decent nude photos without covering our faces as if we were ashamed of nudity and without hiding our genitals as if genitals were obscene and should be concealed and if we keep talking about naturism and our naturist holidays and our naturist lifestyle, there must come a time when people are so used to seeing and hearing about decent nudity that it is no longer viewed with disapproval. That is when they are able to draw a distinction between nudity and pornography.

I have always taken the opportunity to talk about naturism in as unobtrusive a way as I can. Even at my aunt's funeral when my cousins asked me about my holidays, I somehow found my way to talk about my naturist holidays. Especially in my society, people sometimes just can't believe that I'm openly talking about nude hiking. They sometimes ask in shock, 'Did you just say nude? Nude as in naked? Totally naked?' I will invariably treat the question as if the person is concerned if I might be barefoot and what if I injured my foot? So I will tell him that of course I have boots on and nothing else. When I proceed in this vein, I'm forcing my listener to accept that nudity is natural. If you do this ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, you either lose your friend or you've made him or her accept naturism. My experience is you don't really lose a friend. That doesn't happen. But while you may make him or her accept nudity as decent, converting the person into a naturist is quite a different thing altogether. They usually remain firmly textile but I have no problem with that. All I want is for the person to accept naturism as decent. That's all.

If all of us do our part, the day of enlightenment will come soon enough upon the textile world.

Daring Naturists

January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Just the other day, I was out with a group of friends when someone commented that my shoes were orange in colour. ‘You are quite daring,’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead in orange shoes.’ Another friend immediately retorted, ‘Oh, wearing orange shoes is nothing for him. He dares to do more than that. He dares to go about naked.’ The first guy then said, ‘I guess if you dare to go naked, you dare to do anything. You can have no more shame.’

The concept of shame has a long history in Chinese philosophy. More than 3,000 years ago, Chinese philosophers have been debating about the question of shame. The debate culminated in Confucius summing up in his own eloquent words his rather warped idea of shame. According to Confucius, shame is an essential human trait. A man who has no shame is no better than an animal. But to Confucius, a cultured man or woman must feel shame if he or she transgresses any one of the many ancient precepts. These precepts demand strict conformity to tradition and rituals.

The tradition and rituals include (among many things) how a gentleman or lady should be dressed. The idea of going about naked would be anathema to Confucius. Confucius scholars will no doubt declare that a naturist is the ultimate shameless being who is no better than an animal. This may explain why there are so few naturists among people of Chinese descent.

When my friends said that there was nothing I wouldn’t dare to do because I had no problem going around naked, they were merely repeating this warped concept of shame.

But they are totally wrong. It’s not true that naturists have no shame at all. I would be most ashamed if I told a lie. I’d be terribly ashamed if I were guilty of discourtesy or an act of unkindness. I would be overwhelmed by guilt and shame if I behaved in an unjust manner towards another human being. But I’m not ashamed if I’m nude because there is nothing in the human body that is evil or indecent.

The traditionalists have got it all wrong. It’s true that a good person should not be incapable of feeling shame. But he should only feel ashamed if he has done something that hurts or harms another person.

My Christmas today

December 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Christmas is always a busy time for me. I got up very early this morning to get to church in time to tune my instrument and to do some final rehearsals with the rest of the orchestra. But I do try to put in a word about naturism whenever I can. Today, at breakfast between services, I managed to engage another musician in a conversation and I spoke about naturism. He asked a very pertinent question. After telling him that I reject the worldview that nudity is obscene or inappropriate, he asked why anyone would bother to go hiking naked. I was telling him about NEWT and hence the topic of hiking in the nude. He said you could always accept that there is nothing indecent about nudity but you don't have to go hiking in the nude just to prove that nudity is decent.

It again boils down to the question of sincerity. What's the point of saying that nudity is natural but I keep my clothes on all the time? And there is this point about staking our claim. If all we can do is to have an intellectual acknowledgement that nudity is natural and decent but we don't do anything about it, the day will come when we'll lose all our right to go naked.

This is one insidious thing that naturists must guard against. Naturism is not just an academic point. It's a right that we should lay a claim on. Naturists must continually practise naturism. We have to live it and not just give it mental assent.

Hence the importance of NEWT and other such activities. Multiculturalism is now very much a buzzword in our world and the day may come when sensitivity to a foreign culture (usually religion) may demand that we don't go nude. And if we haven't been engaging in nude activities, we can't insist on continuing with something we haven't even started to do.

Tonight I was at a neighbour's house for a Christmas party and again I had the opportunity of talking to some of the people about naturism. The more we talk about it, the more 'normal' it will appear to people around us. That is why those of us who are prepared to be open about our naturism should really be open about it. Closet naturism is totally ineffective in spreading the seeds of naturism.

Those are the things I did this Christmas day.

How to do impressive Yoga poses

November 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am not quite so supple and it's a bit tough for me to do yoga poses but there are simple tricks that you can follow and you'll look pretty impressive. Recently, someone posted a pic she took from the internet that showed a yogi tying herself up in knots. I tried to imitate the pose and this is the closest I could come up with, given my body stiffness:

<img src="http://www.naktiv.net/file/pic/photo/2016/11/6a35efbf8397f90acd87c2c965e2c3ba_500.jpg?t=5829a0028085d">

But if I can do it, so can you. Most people are not so stiff as me. In this blogpost, I will share my secret with you. How to Bluff Your Way into Yoga should be the title of this blogpost.

First, sit on the floor. Recline backwards and raise your legs in the air. Quickly position your legs in full lotus. You then push your hands through the space between the lower legs and the thighs. If you are not as stiff as me, you should be able to bring your knees close to your shoulders. That would be far more impressive. But sorry folks. I'm a fake yogi and this is the best I can do. LOL

I forgot to mention that you should position your phone on the floor behind your head. If your phone is one of the later Samsung models that has voice control for the camera, you just have to say "CHEESE" and a pic is taken.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to mention how to position your feet for the lotus position. First, place your right foot on your left thigh. Then place the left foot on your right thigh. You should get used to this posture so it's easier if you do that when you're seated normally and not when your legs are up in the air. It depends on what you are more used to. I find it easier to place the right foot on the left thigh first. Some people prefer to do it the other way round - the left foot on the right thigh first. It doesn't matter which foot first - just do what is more comfortable for you.


November 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

My purpose for writing this is two-fold. First, I want to give thanks. Next, I want to encourage EVERYONE (especially naturists because we tend to be healthy or we may think we're healthy) who's around my age or older to go for a a health check up. The second part is probably more important than the first.

For some time, I've been troubled about colon cancer. I have friends who have this cancer (it's the most common cause of cancer death for non-smokers. Almost everyone else I know has gone for a colonoscopy. When I told my wife that I'd be going for NEWT 2017, she urged me to go for my full check up first. She reasoned that it wouldn't be fair to the rest if I developed some health problems and we were up on an Alpine mountain. So I decided that I would do my test before I send in the booking for NEWT 2017.

I have just got home from the hospital and the first thing I did was to do this pic:

<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oNfmR5QB2jjoRLi2shMzhnw9Vmiqi7ynjOTDNxAfWWSEpHhdNvqPifNgBcTzov7MZ4z4Ks_ZowaaZn19Z3c6FzKmSRzqwz7lQyYWQpk4XYm9lOArvqwij3j1QJmlTplSeWah6F0uZ4tDaU-Sws2KLHNU2F4zpCTZ9mKcjPbhYOUFnbl1kcXjlHuyGkM3bIe3C0r_Tu0Hvo0cWqiXv1B2_4DzB5Ga5y1d17hHtEkpTMX4yyAjvmxJDy_s24nqDevX3jjYgKdwkjlD4oI3yvjsmMK2KU21lVOU1HQjXpeTERbZVUlU2RNAtWawMcCuPRpA8Yi8Sf0qgAVdTEvgLCtfw6M9YXnJfMBflqx8iHoV6doiy996hhPofUccFzwTZh1SurovrF9HDU9fj48k9AN5zyA1ogfpMGbAjm67hg7O_XGlRTkcWRRMpWRC0oIP8qyh1927wYP3crrnoEhGiPxAVL1VIjWbuCjVEDZ7gg2YRpFcjEY3Q8MlXtRz7dJHxsfr58A62ZUPzWMuVyy9N9ziWEZgY1tvN9_mtFqXoEWPX-8G3JOW_-u5rswomYpyyktuR1noeqOmj7acRt-8ANQsr6TQWs9-DkQMLPbfcWBlc2tGNF3sLA=w300-h750-no">

On my left hand is the full report of all the tests I did - colonoscopy, endoscopy (gastroscopy) and a full blood test with all the cancer markers. I had a great all-women set of doctors. My gastroenterologist was superb and really professional. She not only did a good job, she explained everything to me very clearly. She told me that I woke up as soon as the procedure was over and the first thing I said was, "Any cancer?" and when she replied in the negative, I fell asleep again. LOL

My anaesthetist was really good too. She knocked me out effectively and I didn't wake up even for a second while the procedures were being done. I've heard horrendous stories of people waking up in the middle of a colonoscopy but I was asleep throughout. I woke up just for a few seconds after everything was over and I slept again and woke up just after five minutes of being transferred to the recovery room. Even my phlebotomist who took my blood for the blood test was excellent - she did such a good job that I didn't even feel a pin prick.

I'm holding the Holy Bible on my right hand. OK, I'm not exactly a religious chap but I felt I should at least give thanks to all that is good and pure and true, however you wish to term it.

All the tests were negative which means I'm most definitely going to be at NEWT 2017 barring accidents and other unpredictable factors.

My advice to everyone is to go for these tests. There is no reason not to go for them. You may not believe it but one reason why I didn't want to go for the tests was I really didn't want to know it if I had cancer. I was that STUPID. The fact is if they detect anything harmful, early detection is always a life-saver. So, my fellow naturists, don't make the same mistake I made. We naturists need to be healthy since there are so few of us. Go for the tests NOW and may all of us be healthy and strong enough to go hiking at NEWT 2017. See you there!

What makes NEWT 2016 so memorable?

November 6, 2016 in Naktiv

There are about a thousand things that make NEWT 2016 so memorable - the company, the incredibly fun-loving and friendly people, the splendid chefs, the amazingly delicious food that we all looked forward to every night, the breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps, the Radler (or stronger beer for those who can take a lot of it), the showcase of remarkable talent in music, acting, poetry recitations (and let's not forget Richard's hilarious translations that had the capacity to turn a tragic poem into pure comedy), etc. Even getting a bit lost on the route and finding our way back was fun and adventurous. But what makes it possible for an event to be memorable? There's only one answer:

The greatest invention of humankind - the camera.

I have said in my other blogs that I would never go to a naturist event that bans the camera. That is because whatever event you go to that forbids the camera, that event is only enjoyable and fun for THAT moment. You can't relive it, you can't reminisce over it, you can't even post it because there is nothing to post!

There is nothing more devastating in a holiday than to lose your camera. I'll never forget the time when my camera fell off my hand and hit the cobblestone road I was standing on when I was in Colmar and it couldn't be turned on after that. And I only had my phone to take all the pics but at least I had my phone with me.

But there is no fear of this sort of thing happening when you're at NEWT. Everyone is friendly and everyone is blissfully snapping away. And we all share the photos freely so that each person walks away with quite a few thousand photos that will keep the memory alive and ensure that you return the next year because you ain't gonna get better photos anywhere else.

In this pic taken at NEWT 2016, there are 3 cameras at work. The third one is the one that took the pic. LOL. See you next year!!!
<img src="http://www.naktiv.net/file/pic/photo/2016/11/cf9d5f329b925242886b85befa14090c_500.jpg">

Garmin Vivoactive HR – Product Review

November 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is a great GPS smart watch to get and it's by the makers of the world's most reliable GPS instruments. It's the latest GPS smart watch by Garmin and it's currently their top watch. I've been using it for a couple of months now and I'm definitely going to use it at NEWT 2017.

<img src="http://www.naktiv.net/file/pic/photo/2016/09/9ffe7c4a2179f96cbecf7f1dabc6f122_500.jpg">

It's a watch with many features. It's very useful for those of us who are interested in sports, particularly, hiking. I've used it on my runs and it charts the route you take using Garmin's precise GPS system. It tells you the gradient of the route, the speed at which you go, your heartbeat and all the different paces at which you go. It stores all the data on a personalised web log book which you can access any time you want for as long as you want. The watch also keeps a record of every step you take and your heartbeat throughout the day and night and when you're sleeping, it records your sleep, the hours and the precise time and the depth of your sleep. It also tells you when you are in REM sleep mode, etc.

You may think there is just too much detail but hey, you can access as little or as much data as you want. They're all your data accessible only to you. And the data are never deleted so you can access them and look through all your past data.

Like all other smart watches, this watch has other apps you can download for free. You can change the face of the watch. My wife doesn't like me to be seen with this watch because she thinks it looks childish so I changed the face to a respectable looking analogue watch but that still wasn't good enough for her. LOL.

I've only used it for a couple of months but I can't live without it now. When I'm out running, I sometimes get all kinds of messages, whether they're WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Facebook messages or even a phone call. It's quite hard to look at the phone when I'm running. But with this smart watch, I just have to take a glance at the watch and I know if the message is important. It's particularly useful when I'm in a place where my phone has to be tucked away and in silent mode. If I get a message or a call, my watch will vibrate and it'll tell me instantly what the message is or who is calling me. I can programme it so that I'm alerted to every email but that would be too much to handle.

Now, I'll talk about some of the technical problems that you may have if you are not used to a smart watch. Yes, you have to charge the watch but this watch has a great battery. You only need to charge it perhaps once every 10 days. The real problem usually comes when you change your phone and you experience connectivity issues between your watch and your phone. I should know because I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it was recalled and I was given a temporary phone and subsequently, I was given the supposedly safe all-new Note 7 but again there were problems and this morning, Samsung gave me its wonderful Galaxy S7 Edge which is really as good as the Note 7 but without the stylus pen and without the potential explosiveness! LOL That means I would have used 4 new phones in the space of a couple of months. Connecting the watch to the phone is no problem but I always make the mistake of connecting my phone to the watch through the bluetooth settings in my phone. NEVER DO THAT!!! Rather, make the bluetooth connection in the app of the smart watch. If you have made the connection through the bluetooth settings of your phone, unpair the device and connect both the watch and the phone in the app itself. The internet is full of complaints by smart watch users who are tearing their hair out because of connectivity issues between their phone and watch. Just make the bluetooth connection through the app of the smart watch that you have downloaded in your phone and you're all set.

Come NEWT 2017 I will have all the data I'll ever need about the hikes right down to the rate of my heartbeat. See you there!

Photography and its difficulties

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As a daily selfie taker and one who can't live without snapping a photo every few seconds, I'm naturally quite interested in photography. Every time I travel, I take many many more photos than when I'm at home. NEWT 2016 afforded me an opportunity to compare my own photos with those taken by others. There are thousands of photos in total and one thing is clear to me - although I take a lot of photos, most of my photos aren't really all that great.

It's very easy for me to blame it on the quality of my camera which is the idiot-proof automatic kind but there are many in NEWT who don't use the DSLR camera either and yet they take great photos. Richard, Ian, John and many others don't use the DSLR and yet there is something about their photos that seems lacking in mine.

I now know what it is. I haven't got an eye for a good photo opportunity. Sometimes when I see one of them taking a pic, I take the same pic but when I look at both pics, mine somehow isn't quite there. It's that 'blindness' in me that makes my wife sometimes quite mad with me - I don't seem to notice many things around me. It's like when we enter a restaurant and I don't notice friends who are seated in it but my wife whose range of vision seems to extend beyond the outer extremities of my normal visual range is able to spot them immediately. I've examined other people's photos very carefully. They just seem to know how to get their photos right from the angle they take the pics and what photographers call the 'composition' of the photo.

There are many excellent photographers in NEWT and there is no space in this short write-up to mention them all. Yesterday I showed a few photos taken by Jacques Marie and Pascal to my wife and kids and they were particularly stunned by the beauty of the scenery as captured in these photos. As my wife rightly pointed out, my own photos are huge in quantity but small in quality. Some of the photos taken by Jacques Marie and Pascal seem to have been taken from a height and one gets to see the entire valley and all the mountains and in the distance, one sees a line of naturists hiking in the sun and oh my God! - that's me in the red cap right smack in the midst of such an incredibly beautiful scene.

One of my kids then made the suggestion that I should buy a Phantom drone. That will be unbeatable. Taking pics that show the mountains, the valley and all of us hikers would be a cinch if I used a drone. It would be like having a mechanical Jacques and Pascal up in the sky snapping pics - any selfie-addict's dream. But I dismissed the idea completely. If I want to use the drone, I need to check on the laws of the different countries regarding this. I need to know if there are military installations nearby and I certainly don't want to end up in an Austrian prison. And it's really not practical. A drone is quite heavy and bulky and I can't imagine lugging it around with me when I prefer to travel light. It's certainly not suitable for the kind of hiking that we do. A drone drains up its power very quickly and I'll end up carrying it around more than flying it. It's absolutely out of the question.

I suppose in the final analysis, there is no need for a drone. If my pics don't look good, there are at least 30 other people whose pics look much better. And besides, my pics only don't look good when they are compared with other people's pics. By themselves, they are impressive enough. And all I've to do is to be on the lookout for good photo opportunities. And honestly, when you're on the Alps, even a badly taken photo looks stunning.

Promoting Naturism in Asia

July 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

For the past few days, I've been posting censored pics of NEWT on my Facebook account. Censoring the pics is essential because of FB's rules and the law of my country. My FB friends include a few high-ranking government people, bishops, priests, monks and all kinds of people you would expect to frown on naturism. I posted the photos and explained what we did and what we saw. Most Asian people don't hike in the Alps. They have visited all the tourist attractions in Europe but they just don't go hiking. They must have found my postings interesting.

I have noticed one thing about my attempts at promoting naturism. Whenever I'm home from a naturist outing and I post the photos taken at the naturist resort or place and I show my face clearly, people tend to soften towards naturism. The fact that I'm a family man helps. People generally expect a family man to be more 'responsible' and more conservative in my country and they take what I have to say more seriously.

And of course I had a lot to say about what naturism is all about on many of my FB posts. My daughter told me that it was obvious to her that I was 'on a mission to preach naturism'.

And it worked. A few people I know who have all along been most upset about my earlier posts on nudity actually made a few positive remarks. Of course in Asia we still have a long way to go. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that anti-nudity sentiments are extremely high still and I did lose a few FB friends for the postings I made on FB but that's to be expected. I'll continue doing what I believe to be correct and if there are still those who are offended, well, I wasn't born to please everybody.

It would be ungrateful of me not to thank the many participants of NEWT 2016 and the organisers for the MANY photos they have shared with the rest of us. When I took hundreds of photos at NEWT, I thought they were the best naturist photos I'd ever taken in my entire life. Most of them were selfies. But when I started downloading the photos taken by others, I was simply amazed to see how much better they were. Most of the pics of myself that I posted on FB were taken by other people because they are so much better than the photos of me taken with my own camera. I want to thank all the photographers for taking pics and for sharing them. And I want to thank everyone who re-tweets my pics on twitter. What the world badly needs is a deluge of decent nude photos. Most nude photos on the internet are pornographic in nature and that may explain why the world thinks nudity is sexual. The only way to correct this imbalance is for there to be more online photos of decent nudity.

If my diehard anti-nudity friends can have a change of heart, so can others. 🙂

One small remark about NEWT 2016

July 22, 2016 in Naktiv

The one thing that sets NEWT apart from other naturist events is its dedication to the true naturist cause. The way to advance the naturist cause is for naturists to accept nudity themselves. You may find this strange but there are many naturists who don't accept nudity. I've just been to the website of a naturist who declares himself to be an activist and what I find in his website are photos of naturists taken from the back. So, an activist who wants to promote naturism censors his own photos in his own website. Every photo in the website carefully avoids frontal nudity as if he subscribes to the textile view that showing frontal nudity is indecent!

I used to offend a lot of closet nudists when I called such people hypocrites openly in my blog. Now, I'm older (a few years at least) and wiser and I avoid such language which can be highly offensive. But honest photos of ourselves are important. They tell others that we have nothing to hide. They tell others that we mean what we say when we say that nudity is decent and natural. Even in my own experience in my very conservative part of the world, it's photos that ultimately led my friends and relatives to understand that there really is nothing immoral or wrong about nudity and naturism.

One good thing about NEWT that makes it stand out above all other naturist activities is its sincere encouragement that we publicise the event through blogs and other social media websites. We are encouraged to take pics and to share the pics among ourselves and to share them in blogs and other websites. And that's what true naturism should be all about. While I understand that closet nudists may not be comfortable with this, nobody forces a closet nudist to attend NEWT. The rules are very clear on this. And besides, most naturist places in the world want to pander to the larger closet nudist crowd and they ban cameras and mobile phones. Closet nudists have thousands of alternatives where they can indulge in their need for furtive and secret nude activities. In my view, it's this furtiveness and secrecy that only serves to support the view of the rest of the world that naturists are really up to no good.

This is just one small remark I have to make about NEWT. I have a million other things to talk about and they are all positive and wonderful. I've shown my friends some of my pics and everyone is amazed at the scenery. I think I can convert quite a few people to naturism by just showing them the photos. Everybody had a good time at NEWT 2016 and most people I know have expressed a desire to be at NEWT 2017. I'll be on the lookout for the ad of NEWT 2017. Places are limited and I don't want to be left out.

I'm one of those Asians who are stereotypically portrayed always to be snapping away with the camera and I do love photos and selfies. I've gone through the photos and I must say that my very best photos are all taken in that one week of NEWT 2016. It's hard to pick out the photo I like best because there are so many photos jostling with one another for the top spot and they are all almost equally good. I may be wrong but right now, I think the best photo that I have in my entire life must be this. Just look at the clouds below me!!!! I'm going to make this my official profile pic and have it placed in my passport. If they will let me. LOL.

<img src="http://www.naktiv.net/file/pic/photo/2016/07/04d80160449dae27992b48b54a07b9e2_500.png">

Photographs & Selfies & why NEWT is great

December 26, 2015 in Naktiv

I'm on holiday in Taiwan and I am now in an old village which is famous for its old buildings. I'm here with my daughter and we've taken a lot of photos of each other and selfies too. She posts them on various social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and I do the same. I look around me and EVERYONE is taking thousands of photos and selfies.

An obsession with the taking of pics is not limited to Asians only although I'm ready to admit that perhaps we Asians are more obsessed with taking selfies than most other people. I've travelled with friends from Europe and the US and many of them seem to prefer taking scenery shots than photos with themselves in the pics. But these friends of mine are older folks. Young people of all nationalities are always taking selfies. Last year, I was in a restaurant in Prague and I was a little self-conscious about taking a selfie when my food arrived. I didn't want the other diners to mutter under their breath, 'Oh, these Asians and their selfies!' At the next table was a young couple, and I could tell from their conversation that they were Czech. They took about a dozen selfies when their food arrived. That emboldened me.

Personally, I'm all for selfies. I take dozens of them even when I'm at home. I've always been a careful diary keeper since I was 7 and nowadays, I've stopped recording my daily life in a diary and I find myself taking selfies as a means of keeping a journal of my life the way I used to record everything in writing. Taking selfies is of course a lot quicker and pictures are always more graphic and interesting. A selfie of me on a bike has the date and time in its Exif data and that sure beats having to write in my diary that I went cycling at a particular time on a particular date. It's instantaneous.

Now here is where my philosophy differs from that of most of my Asian naturist friends. Many of them love taking selfies and posting them online too. But they only post clothed selfies even though they are naturists. For me personally, (and I must STRESS that this only applies to me and not to others), I would consider myself hypocritical if I posted clothed selfies of myself all over the internet but I shied away from posting my own nude selfies. So I make it a point to post nude selfies in my blogs and online media, such as Naktiv and tumblr.

But some American naturists who are opposed to posting their own nude selfies online (and their blogs are filled with photos of OTHER nude people and never their own) took issue with me on this. One of them who calls himself All-nudist openly expresses his disapproval of my blog which ONLY contains my nude photos. But my policy is not to post other people's photos unless I have their express permission and I really don't like using internet photos because of copyright issues and besides, why should I steal other people's photos when my blog is about my experiences? Naturally, my own naturist blog, https://itsmyprivatelife.wordpress.com/ which by its very title is about 'my private life' should of course be about me and not other people.

I've long made it my policy not to go to a place that bans the camera. Some nudist places do that. WNBR is cool because it's camera friendly. But there is one naturist event that I find appealing - NEWT. I found this in the Rules section and I decided that this is an event for me:

'This is not a private/secret nudist club walk. Please don't be motivated to come along by the photos on these pages and then complain that you don't want your photo taken, anyone coming on a NEWT implicitly accepts the idea that we will be taking photos of these adventures, and we will then publish them to encourage others, like you, to do likewise.'

Wow! This is an event that is fully in line with my naturist philosophy. We all believe nudity is natural and wholesome and we should encourage others to try it and we are all in favour of promoting naturism but how can we promote it if we are hiding our faces all the time, as some people seem to do whenever their nude photos appear? Of course the event should be photographed and all of us should publish them in blogs. That's the only way we can encourage others to participate in future NEWT events and other similar nude hiking events. If there is one thing I hate, it's a lets-all-be-naked-in-secret events. Such events can hardly be called naturist. It's more like a clandestine nude activity and as far as I know all clandestine nude activities tend to be illicit and possibly sexual. True naturist activities are events that are blogged by participants with photos shared with family and friends.

Kudos to the organisers for promoting naturism! Now, I had better go for dinner. I almost forgot that I was on holiday! LOL

Why I had to shut down my blog

October 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Recently, things have been pretty bad for naturists in South East Asia after the Malaysian government went ballistic over a video that went viral. A group of naturists, many of whom are my friends met in Penang to participate in a mini-Olympics in the nude. This was carried out in Telok Bahang, a deserted beach. The park ranger was ok with it and nobody saw them and there were no complaints. But a video that was taken and uploaded by one of them went viral some two months after the event. The Malaysian government rounded up all of them who were in Malaysia at the time, arrested and charged them. Some pleaded guilty to charges which did not fit their deeds and they were sentenced from one month to six months in jail and fines of RM 5,000 each.

During the furore in Malaysia, a lot of naturist forums and websites in the region were closed down. Even the owner of the the nude resort in Bali withdrew his plan to hold a huge Nude Halloween Party in Bali. Although Bali is primarily Hindu, Indonesia is still a Muslim-majority country and things can get ugly if Muslim fundamentalists had wind of the nude event. He shut down his blog on Bali naturism and decided to lie low.

I was also told to set my blog to private but I was reluctant to do that. Then newspaper reporters from Malaysia started contacting me and asking me for photos that they could use in the newspaper articles. How they knew my contact (they contacted me through my blog and by email and even Facebook) is a mystery. But I knew giving them photos would only stir Muslim sensitivity in Malaysia and add to the flames of fury and that can't augur well for some of my friends who are still awaiting trial. And of course my blog has a lot of photos. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love snapping pics all the time and my blog is always a little like a photoblog. So in the interest of my friends who were still awaiting trial, I password-protected most of the entries in my blog.

It's been some time now and the furore in Malaysia has somewhat died down. All the same, I know the old blog is followed by newspaper reporters and I just don't want to give them fodder for their columns. So I started a new blog that has no password protection. I don't think any Malaysian reporters are here on naktiv and so here's the link to the blog: http://itsmyprivatelife.wordpress.com

I hate to leave my blog under password protection all the time as if there were anything wrong with naturism. Hence the new blog.

Our Health – do we really care?

October 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was just looking through some of my old nude photos when I saw how fat I was at one point in my life. That prompted me to post two photos - one taken 7 years ago and another taken last month. I then gave the simple solution how I lost all the weight. It's a simple solution but nobody will really follow it. That's how strange we really are. But the photos should say something to us. It's now 1am and I should be sleeping but take a look at what I wrote here http://naturistrebel.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/code-b001-photos-that-chart-our-health/
It's password-protected and the password for this entry is healthissue (all small letters and no space between). I've password-protected my blog since some of my friends were prosecuted in Penang for some nudist activity on a deserted beach. I don't want to give the prosecution any ammunition.

Basically, my argument is just stop driving and ride a bike. It's that simple but most people won't really do it.

I also noticed something from the two photos. When I was fat, my entire body seemed choked as is clear from the pic. I'm wondering if obesity can affect penile health. If circulation is disrupted, surely the extremities of our body will be affected. But I'm not a medical man so it's just wild speculation.