How to do impressive Yoga poses

I am not quite so supple and it's a bit tough for me to do yoga poses but there are simple tricks that you can follow and you'll look pretty impressive. Recently, someone posted a pic she took from the internet that showed a yogi tying herself up in knots. I tried to imitate the pose and this is the closest I could come up with, given my body stiffness:

<img src="">

But if I can do it, so can you. Most people are not so stiff as me. In this blogpost, I will share my secret with you. How to Bluff Your Way into Yoga should be the title of this blogpost.

First, sit on the floor. Recline backwards and raise your legs in the air. Quickly position your legs in full lotus. You then push your hands through the space between the lower legs and the thighs. If you are not as stiff as me, you should be able to bring your knees close to your shoulders. That would be far more impressive. But sorry folks. I'm a fake yogi and this is the best I can do. LOL

I forgot to mention that you should position your phone on the floor behind your head. If your phone is one of the later Samsung models that has voice control for the camera, you just have to say "CHEESE" and a pic is taken.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to mention how to position your feet for the lotus position. First, place your right foot on your left thigh. Then place the left foot on your right thigh. You should get used to this posture so it's easier if you do that when you're seated normally and not when your legs are up in the air. It depends on what you are more used to. I find it easier to place the right foot on the left thigh first. Some people prefer to do it the other way round – the left foot on the right thigh first. It doesn't matter which foot first – just do what is more comfortable for you.

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      • I got blocked for 3 days and the excuse was that I posted a photo that violated their rules. I used their appeal link to ask for a review. The FB review said that the photo was acceptable and was reinstated. But my account was still suspended for 3 days. It sucks.

        • I clicked the appeal too but I got an immediate answer that my photos were inappropriate. I made the mistake of posting photos that showed frontal nudity. Facebook allows nudity as long as genitals cannot be seen. This is why naturists who object to photos that show the genitals are wrong – such an objection is precisely the same as the objection of Facebook and other textile websites. If we hold to such a warped view, we would be championing the cause of textile folks who oppose us naturists.

          • Would you go into "your" church, exposing "your" genitals Naked Lim? How about wearing a picture shirt, & the "focal" point is genitalia? It is one thing to experience this out in nature, but "you" have a choice, as to what "You" decide to post here 😉 I have never seen a photo by you Lim, or NEWT, that focused on genitalia 😉 * Note my word "focus" as in centered on, main focal point 🙂

          • In my opinion it is not a question of 'exposing' the genitals, it is simply a matter of being naked & experiencing the total freedom of having no clothing covering any part of the body. Too much emphasis is being placed on one part of the body here, we should not be doing that!
            If a 'focus' point is deliberately aimed at genitalia we are then sexualizing & comparing each person we see. Then inevitably we get discussions about 'open leg shots' both male & female! Please STOP all of this sexualisation of people using this & other naturism places. Be true to the natural aspects of feeling nature, being at one with nature & realising the truth of our existence, we are natures creation.

          • Thanks, Patrick. I've never thought that a decent nude photo could be misconstrued by my fellow naturists as inappropriate until quite recently. Recently, when comments were made about what appeared to me to be perfectly OK photos, it suddenly struck me that there are people who would frown upon many of my pics because I do not make it a point to hide my genitals when I take a selfie. Also, when I'm seated, I am not in the habit of crossing my legs like some genteel textile gentleman. So, I felt that if I were to cross my legs when I'm naked when it's not natural for me, that would be a bit hypocritical of me. That is why I always ensure that my posture is the same whether I'm clothed or naked because I truly truly believe that nudity is fine and wholesome and I want to rebel against whatever inhibitions my textile upbringing may have left behind. I entirely agree with you that we should not always be on the look out for the genitals like Facebook policemen. Once we have decided that nudity is fine, let's all just be natural. If we normally fold our legs, then let's fold our legs. But if you're a pleb like me and you normally sit with your legs apart, then you should sit in whatever way that is comfortable for you.

          • My photo did not show genitals. Someone probably flagged it because of its political overtones. When I appealed the FB mods said it complied with their rules, no genitals, and reinstated my photo. But my account was still blocked for 3 days. Sheeesh!

          • CherBear HoustonWould aske, "you go into "your" church, exposing "your" genitals Naked Lim?"

            That church thing is part of the anti-body culture that nudists are fighting. I don't know what church Lim attends, but my church is not so unfriendly to "Skyclad" bodies. The whole concept of churches calling us all "indecent" or "obscene" for being human animals is offensive to me. I would not attend that kind of church. All human bodies are beautiful, natural, and would be welcomed by the Gods of creation.

          • I understand, Bob. But I live in a conservative Asian country where public nudity is a serious crime. Just being naked in your own home is also a crime if anybody from outside your house can see you naked when they look hard enough. A couple have been prosecuted and convicted because they were naked in their own kitchen but the window was open and someone from an apartment opposite could see them even from that distance. My church is a regular textile church but I have not hidden my naturism from anyone. Everyone knows that I post all my photos in my blogs and the entire church right up to the Bishop knows I'm a naturist. I told everyone when I went to NEWT and they know I'll be going again next year. The church is generally OK with it. Even my bishop makes jokes about it favourably. I play music in church and of course I can't be naked in church. In my country, you can't be naked anywhere.

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