An Angel Called By !

As I have said before on here I am partially disabled due to a degenerative illness, mainly my mobility is greatly affected and I have some really difficult days. Fortunately I have a lovely caring wife, an incredible family & some wonderful neighbours. My regular 'nurse care visits' are a lifeline to us and with their help we both get around outdoors after I have been given a very relaxing shower & muscle massage. I only regret that I need to put clothes on to go into town or to a large retail park. My neighbours are always popping in to see if there's anything we need from shops & they often bring surprise treats for us both, fabulous people! Our neighbour from 3 doors away is Terry & his teenage daughter Kasey, they work as volunteers for an animal charity and often they pop in to show us brochures & CD films about the work their charity undertakes. Luckily Kasey had called by this morning when I had slipped and fallen in our kitchen! My wife was going frantic, I was not able to move much & Kasey just arrived in great time. She calmed Rosemarie down first then expertly got me laid more comfortably on the floor. She called for paramedics and in the meantime she checked that I hadn't dislocated my hip or knee because the pain was excruciating. With her gentle care I was soon much easier & my wife had calmed.
Soon 2 paramedic's arrived, 1 tall muscular man & 1 smaller strong woman equipped to react to almost anything. Expertly they assessed me whilst Kasey made coffee's. Soon I was really comfortably padded & checked over, thankfully no broken bones just a few enormous bruises! There was not going to be any visit to hospital required but my own GP was called and asked to come over to me as soon as he could. The female paramedic (Julie) had put a blanket over me and then she asked why I was naked at 10:30am in my kitchen? I laughed, so did Rosemarie & Kasey, I answered in a much happier state of mind than I had been just an hour earlier. "I am usually naked all day, my wife spends many hours naked apart from her knickers! Kasey & her dad have called in for the last 2 years, today she is my angel and I am just so happy that she can just call in" That made the paramedic's laugh too and as they made ready to leave, having made me comfortable back in my wheelchair they reclaimed the blanket saying "You don't need this then?"
So yes I am thankful for everyone that helps me & my gorgeous wife. We may be considered by some to be ~The Odd Couple~ but the ones that matter to us are the lovely people who truly care. My family rang a short while ago to check on us, my niece is determined to come tomorrow to ease her own mind, so she can bring her delicious chocolate cake so that we can give Kasey a small 'thank you' gift.

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