What makes NEWT 2016 so memorable?

There are about a thousand things that make NEWT 2016 so memorable – the company, the incredibly fun-loving and friendly people, the splendid chefs, the amazingly delicious food that we all looked forward to every night, the breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps, the Radler (or stronger beer for those who can take a lot of it), the showcase of remarkable talent in music, acting, poetry recitations (and let’s not forget Richard’s hilarious translations that had the capacity to turn a tragic poem into pure comedy), etc. Even getting a bit lost on the route and finding our way back was fun and adventurous. But what makes it possible for an event to be memorable? There’s only one answer:

The greatest invention of humankind – the camera.

I have said in my other blogs that I would never go to a naturist event that bans the camera. That is because whatever event you go to that forbids the camera, that event is only enjoyable and fun for THAT moment. You can’t relive it, you can’t reminisce over it, you can’t even post it because there is nothing to post!

There is nothing more devastating in a holiday than to lose your camera. I’ll never forget the time when my camera fell off my hand and hit the cobblestone road I was standing on when I was in Colmar and it couldn’t be turned on after that. And I only had my phone to take all the pics but at least I had my phone with me.

But there is no fear of this sort of thing happening when you’re at NEWT. Everyone is friendly and everyone is blissfully snapping away. And we all share the photos freely so that each person walks away with quite a few thousand photos that will keep the memory alive and ensure that you return the next year because you ain’t gonna get better photos anywhere else.

In this pic taken at NEWT 2016, there are 3 cameras at work. The third one is the one that took the pic. LOL. See you next year!!!
<img src=”http://www.naktiv.net/file/pic/photo/2016/11/cf9d5f329b925242886b85befa14090c_500.jpg”>

6 thoughts on “What makes NEWT 2016 so memorable?”

  1. I love taking pictures! I did read about a study once that suggested that when we snap lots of pictures, we tend to remember less. The mind is a funny thing… many times I look at pics I took and am reminded of things I forgot about. But other times I remember events of which I have no pictures. I need a librarian to organize and catalogue my pictures and my brain. One who isn't afraid of visiting a mad house! 😉

    • Haha, I know what you mean. I take thousands of photos all the time. But I store them in Flickr and Google Photos. When I upload them, I usually assign a folder for them and sometimes, I type some comments. All these will help when I'm searching for a photo. Storing them on Flickr and google photos is also a good idea because you can search by the timeline.

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