Goodbye, Rotten Apple!

I used to be an Apple fan and I couldn’t imagine life without Apple. The first stroke of epiphany came when my wife ditched her iPhone and got herself an Android. I played around with her phone and I knew I had been shortchanged all these years using an iPhone. You see, the iPhone is always several years behind other phones. For a long time I couldn’t understand why the iPhone camera did not have a self-timer. It was only halfway through iPhone 4 when Apple decided to include this essential feature in their phones. But I discovered that Android users had for years enjoyed more than the self-timer. Samsung even had the voice control when you want to take a pic. I ditched my iPhone and got myself the latest Samsung and there was no turning back. Because I had discovered what a gem other phones were. But I stuck on to my MacBook Pro because I couldn’t imagine life without a MacBook. Even before the MacBook, I was a PowerBook user. Last week, I needed to get another laptop but Apple which is infamous for not ever listening to their customers (they don’t have customers; they have devotees) have removed all USB ports and SD card readers from their new MacBooks. A month ago, my wife was again the first to try out the new MacBook Pro and she hated it. The external USB port sold by Apple didn’t work very well for her. She switched to a PC notebook and she told me to give it a try which I did last week. I can’t live with a laptop that has no USB ports and no SD card reader and I don’t want external units for these essential items. So I bought myself a PC notebook and wow, I felt like I was Buddha receiving Enlightenment after sitting for days under the bodhi tree (whatever that may be). You see, I discovered to my horror that I had been shortchanged for years. All PC companies do not use the Intel i5 processor because it’s too slow. At most, they leave these crummy processors to their budget low-end computers. But Apple uses only the i5 processor for all their computers, even their high-end MacBook Pro models. Apple users can only hope to use the i7 processors when PC users have gone on to perhaps an i10 processor. Don’t forget, Apple is always years behind its competitors whether we’re talking about the phone or the computer.

Now that I’m using a REAL computer as opposed to a Rotten Apple, I can see how fast everything I do on the computer can be. It’s easier for me to look through thousands of my photos at one go because the PC is just so much faster. You can’t blame an Apple computer. It’s only working on an Intel processor that other computers discard to their budget units. I can now have access to a lot more photos and a lot faster and I found this one which I had overlooked because I used to be a MacBook user.

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  1. Great info! I’m an iPhone/iPad devotee, but have been having doubts lately. Feeling like I’m missing out when I observe my friends use their Samsung phones. I’m going to begin researching and comparing to possibly cut the iCord (hehe).

  2. I'm probably quite unusual in that I use both an iPhone 6 and Samsung S7 (have both edge and non edge) devices all day every day. I far prefer the iPhone, except when it's running low on memory as it can be a proper pain then. Also own/use both Windows and Mac and by far prefer Windows for 'getting stuff done', but that's mostly due I guess to being somewhat less familiar with Mac. You're dead right that Windows can run on more powerful hardware… I can't develop for VR at all on a Mac as they simply don't build hardware that is capable enough, so Mac for me is mostly about Music (Garageband is fab) and presentations.

        • A friend who is one of those computer experts thinks the world of Linux but I think it's not for the uninitiated general public. Windows is all I can handle and even then I have to bungle along. Just yesterday I couldn't find the Trash and I googled for help. It's on the desktop all along. LOL. It's on the lower right hand bottom corner on the MacBook. These are teething problems I'll get over soon enough.

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