Clothing Optional – Wear what you like

I love the term clothing optional, it has the capacity to cover so many things.
I am fascinated by clothes, and by clothing norms. For example in hot weather a woman can wear a light dress, with the freedom that can bring, men however, in western culture, must never wear a dress even when they are really hot.
However, men can take their tops off, and whilst that may feel a bit uncomfortable in a city centre no-one really minds too much. Women on the other hand must remain covered up top.
There is so much inequality in our clothing traditions which just don’t make sense.

So, clothing optional should be broadened, No clothes, gender neutral clothes, trousers, skirts, dresses or shorts, does it really matter?

I know that there are many more important issues in the world, so why do we get so hung up on what we wear or don’t wear?

3 thoughts on “Clothing Optional – Wear what you like”

  1. Fully agree. Change start will all of us, though. I have a skirt as a cover up for naked hikes, and as such, wear it on normal hikes when I cannot be naked. It may feel strange at the beginning, but actually almost nobody notices and nobody really matters. Choice is there. As for total nudity, some countries are more open than others, but things are changing for good I think, as more and more articles are written on naturism, naked hikes and nakation.

  2. I fully agree. I've always believed people should have the right to wear or not wear what they like, where they like when they like, and children should be taught that they have that right instead of being pushed into school uniforms.

    Too many people, including some police, seem to be unaware that there is no law against public nudity in England and Wales (not sure about Scotland – their laws are different)

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