One small remark about NEWT 2016

The one thing that sets NEWT apart from other naturist events is its dedication to the true naturist cause. The way to advance the naturist cause is for naturists to accept nudity themselves. You may find this strange but there are many naturists who don’t accept nudity. I’ve just been to the website of a naturist who declares himself to be an activist and what I find in his website are photos of naturists taken from the back. So, an activist who wants to promote naturism censors his own photos in his own website. Every photo in the website carefully avoids frontal nudity as if he subscribes to the textile view that showing frontal nudity is indecent!

I used to offend a lot of closet nudists when I called such people hypocrites openly in my blog. Now, I’m older (a few years at least) and wiser and I avoid such language which can be highly offensive. But honest photos of ourselves are important. They tell others that we have nothing to hide. They tell others that we mean what we say when we say that nudity is decent and natural. Even in my own experience in my very conservative part of the world, it’s photos that ultimately led my friends and relatives to understand that there really is nothing immoral or wrong about nudity and naturism.

One good thing about NEWT that makes it stand out above all other naturist activities is its sincere encouragement that we publicise the event through blogs and other social media websites. We are encouraged to take pics and to share the pics among ourselves and to share them in blogs and other websites. And that’s what true naturism should be all about. While I understand that closet nudists may not be comfortable with this, nobody forces a closet nudist to attend NEWT. The rules are very clear on this. And besides, most naturist places in the world want to pander to the larger closet nudist crowd and they ban cameras and mobile phones. Closet nudists have thousands of alternatives where they can indulge in their need for furtive and secret nude activities. In my view, it’s this furtiveness and secrecy that only serves to support the view of the rest of the world that naturists are really up to no good.

This is just one small remark I have to make about NEWT. I have a million other things to talk about and they are all positive and wonderful. I’ve shown my friends some of my pics and everyone is amazed at the scenery. I think I can convert quite a few people to naturism by just showing them the photos. Everybody had a good time at NEWT 2016 and most people I know have expressed a desire to be at NEWT 2017. I’ll be on the lookout for the ad of NEWT 2017. Places are limited and I don’t want to be left out.

I’m one of those Asians who are stereotypically portrayed always to be snapping away with the camera and I do love photos and selfies. I’ve gone through the photos and I must say that my very best photos are all taken in that one week of NEWT 2016. It’s hard to pick out the photo I like best because there are so many photos jostling with one another for the top spot and they are all almost equally good. I may be wrong but right now, I think the best photo that I have in my entire life must be this. Just look at the clouds below me!!!! I’m going to make this my official profile pic and have it placed in my passport. If they will let me. LOL.

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  1. Only beings as screwy-minded as textiled humans can complicate something as simple as living "naked". It ought to be the other way around; clothes-compulsiveness be labeled as "abnormal". Maybe there ought to be warning labels put on textiles like they have on cigarettes or alcohol: "Caution" Clothes-compulsiveness has been linked to aggressive behavior, sexual insecurity, self-loathing and alienation from your own body and those of others".

  2. I absolutely agree with what you are saying, but I also can understand that some people not want to be recognized on photos in a naturist setting. Afraid for the consequences. But then you cannot call yourself an activist.

    • Yes, I believe in freedom for the individual. My own wife is a confirmed non-naturist and she has every right to be that. People who do not want to be recognised in photos in a naturist setting are closet naturists and there is nothing wrong in being a closet naturist. They have a thousand other naturist activities that they can participate in because MANY naturist clubs and resorts pander to the closet naturists because they are the majority. But true naturists like all of us on Naktiv should attend and support NEWT because we can take photos galore and share them online and spread the good news that the human body is decent. And NEWT photos are the best photos you can ever take on this planet. 🙂

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