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Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Comedy (as long as it's tasteful, examples: not Hot Tub Time Machine, not The Hangover, not Night At Bernie's, not Porky's, not National Lampoon's: Animal House, to name a few), Documentary, Foreign (but not too many subtitles, gets distracting), (what are some I'm forgetting?)


80's music; Contemporary Christian Music

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Walt Disney World, going to the beach, Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles/Hollywood/Anaheim, Florida, france, London, I'm open to new ideas! Rock climbing, sky diving, camping/roughing it, hiking, I've never learned how to dance! Especially slow/romantic dance! I wanna learn how! What are some new ideas?





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Charles Ken Huntoon






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About me

I like to read and write; I like to do photography and walk (but I'm single and lonely, and would really appreciate it if I could find a companion who would enjoy walking with me and keeping me company, and doing the same things I enjoy doing so we could enjoy each other's time together); I like to go to movies, shows (like Broadway), concerts, museums and cultural events (including those hors d'oeuvres and wine or champagne); I like to travel if I get a chance (if I can't, I can be found hanging out at the local tourist attractions…and ladies, this is a great date idea, because I can show you around where I live –AND!– there are many, many choices for us to dine out at while we're out); I love to dine out with you (some of my favorite places to eat are American, burgers and fries, pizza, Seafood, Italian, some…Mexican…but I have to be very careful and watch what I eat, because I can't eat spicy-hot foods because they upset my stomach, Mediterranean, Chinese…I especially love a buffet: same with Japanese food, haven't yet, but I'm willing to try Tai — although I hear that's pretty spicy: I'll have to be careful, and Indian; I'm open to new ideas, too), or cook an INTIMATE dinner with you at home (I just need you to understand that I am Diabetic, so we'll need to cook dishes that are nutritionally dietary suitable to my Diabetic needs); and I love to shop: I'm a rare breed, but this'll be good for you in three ways: better quality time with you to get better acquainted…and I want to spend all the time I can with you to get to know you better; I'm patient enough I'm willing to stick by your side while you shop (unless, as a Diabetic, I get tired and I don't feel very well: such as low blood sugar, and I have to sit down for awhile); and, I'm willing to help you carry out of courtesy/chivilry, your bags and packages (please help me with my health issues, though). These are a few, I have other ideas too.

Who I'd like to meet

Someone who's LOVING, CARING, who will have PATIENCE with me, be UNDERSTANDING, have an open mind and an open heart. Someone who wants what's best for me and has my best interests in her heart for me. Someone who won't BETRAY my TRUST. And someone who will be my personal cheerleader.

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