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  • She implies with words being naked is a bad thing but illustrates handsomely it’s a good thing. Hmm.

  • Britain doesn’t know what it is doing. But will be butt naked and alone after all this brexit thing

    • Brexit will take the United out of Kingdom and the Great out of Britain!

    • I think it will rise and regain a great status in the world, sadly it won’t be in our lifetime !

    • The people decided. That’s a fact. I am not a fan o EU. It has become some kind of a Big Brother. Too much interference. I am brazilian and feel the weight of a overwhelming big governement in all places. It started out as something created to “help”, and after started to give orders.. Brexit is a struggle between the old term of a nation – that i…[Read more]

      • Yes the people of the UK did vote to leave the E.U. but sadly it is now a process being handled by a bunch of inept politcians & over inflated ego’s. It seems our parliament (the mother of all parliaments) is made up of loud raucus self opionated businessmen & directors of company’s. I have no faith at all in any political person in this entire…[Read more]

      • BREXIT will take the United out of Kingdom and the Great out of Britain.

      • The people were made fools of with lies the referendum is close to 50/50 with Scotland ,Northern Ireland and Gibraltar and the metropolis of London voting to stay in the EU. The downfall for the UK and GB will be that Wales and England are over riding the majority decisions of the other nations. So a few Welsh and English are calling the shots!!!…[Read more]

    • UK need strong leader which will do unpopular acts . UK have many problems not caused by EU. I thing, Brexit is good for UK, negotiation after referendum is harmful (showing absence of political unity)

    • Were I a Brit, I’d be very wary of having a bunch of millionaire lawyers and bankers in Brussels taxing me and ruling the minute details of my life and work. From what I read, those deep pocket “bureaucrats” have a lot of say in the media and want to scare the Brits into continued submission. What puzzles me is why Brittain doesn’t just leave.…[Read more]

      • Instead, we will have US big business deciding what we eat, providing us with chlorine washed chicken, hormone treated meats and GMO products, which won’t even be declared. We will be at the mercy of the US trade negotiators who are only interested in us deregulating so they can get unfettered access to our markets, unhindered by environmental c…[Read more]

        • Presently we have international corporations controlling food, pharmaceuticals, energy, Congress, etc. They are financed by the same European bankers who pull the strings of the EU. Most chicken, btw, is factory grown and full of hormones that, together with the GMO wheat, supplied by another international corporation, as resulted in a five-fold…[Read more]

        • So true

      • Ou La La !!!

      • The millionaires are the ones that are driving brexit, because they will profit from it. They don’t like Europe because it makes life harder for them to make more money out of ordinary people. Europe will stand up to big business, in the UK they will be out eating dinner with our government and deciding what they want to happen. Some of them also…[Read more]

    • BREXIT will take the United out of Kingdom and the Great out of Britain

  • Dr. Victoria Bateman – Cambridge – Brexit leaves Britian naked.

    • I love the fact that Dr. Bateman is comfortable being naked in a lecture hall. But the sad reality of “exhibitions” like this is that the nakedness does nothing (I believe) to convince a non-believer of the validity of whatever the issue is — whether it be Brexit or PETA or Free the Nipple etc. Dr. Bateman’s nakedness won’t be the reason for a…[Read more]

      • Good point Sandy. In fact I came across this video when I was searching for nude activism. I do believe that activist actions, even when not in support of the nudist ideal, do condition the social mind that nudity in public can be acceptable. I also thought it interesting that there were no, none, nada, expressions of shock whatsoever, any…[Read more]

        • I agree. It’s good for the public to get occasional reminders that they won’t freak out if they see a naked body.

          • I hope there will be more nudist places after the brexit

            • I listened fairly carefully to see if she had any verifiable supporting information that would weaken my view of the bigger picture. I heard none, though I highly respect her for so bravely presenting what to me is the rehashed propaganda of the European oligarchs. She said England would be naked while, ironically, she showed being naked is, for…[Read more]

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