Normal couple living a nudist dream

December 28, 2021 in Lifestyle

Hello everyone, we are Andrea and Mark, just your normal average married mid 50s couple, with grown up kids all left home.

We fell into naturism around 10 years ago, and loved the freedom so much, we eventually emigrated from the UK to Vera Playa in S/E Spain to enjoy more nude freedom.

We work here in Spain as apartment management consultants, and also own our own naturist apartment that we rent out on a short term holiday basis.

Naturism is full time here in Vera Playa,  Pools, the beaches, the beach bars, and many of the urbanisation surrounding bars are all naturist friendly.

However, its not all 24/7 nakedness  we still have to get dressed to go shopping, and visit neighboring areas that are not naturist friendly.

But across the board, its a small price to pay for the naturist time we enjoy, for the rest of the time.

We couldn’t think of a better place to retire eventually, and live our lives out.

Though not massive contributors to the site, we login frequently, and enjoy the articles we have read.

So that’s us in a nut shell, quite boring, but very happy

Thanks, for reading…

Andrea and Mark.