July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Since this blog was posted, the rules have CHANGED. Please check the <a href="/rules">NEW RULES HERE</a>. Many thanks.

Well, I'm very confused about how rules are interpreted as to what pictures is deemed 'unsuitable' here . the rules are as follows
1. Overtly sexual and/or suggestive behaviour, imagery, links, content.

2. Spread leg shots, genital close-ups, erections, masturbation, etc.

3. Exhibitionistic posturing with no other redeeming features.

4. Dating/swinging/dogging contact postings or excessively sexual remarks.

5. Fake profiles/photos.

6. Advertising of shoes or other drivel.

7. Any physical and/or mental, literary or graphic, abuse.

8. Undue harassment of any form.

9. Any illegal material.

Rules 1 and 3 are ambiguous and open to interpretation. I have removed one picture because I was told the pose said "f**k me" I defended the picture and was told other moderators agreed.
In my mind and I'm sure if the picture could be posted many, many others would disagree.

Gotta love dictatorship