Gotta make time for a quickie…part 1

June 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Being a naturist in the UK not yet at retirement age and certainly not well off enough to be a man of leisure, opportunities to be nude (if like me you prefer to spend your nude time in the great outdoors) are few and far between, especially given the unpredictability of the British weather.
I have spent many a sunny day hard at work, when I would rather be basking in the sun on a beach, only for the weather to turn and the heavens to open when the weekend arrives. So to this affect, it is important to make the most of it as and when these opportunities arise, and one week recently I had more than my fair share of chances to do just that!
My work takes me all over the South of England, from Cornwall to Kent. I usually stay at one site for the day and then head home, but one Tuesday recently I was allocated two jobs to do in Devon, one that I couldn’t attend to ‘til 15:00 and one that I had to be at early, but that wouldn’t take too long. The weather forecast for the week was good and having checked my ‘Bare Britain’ Guide book (always keep it handy just in case) I discovered that the official beach at Budleigh Salterton was only a few miles away from my first job.
Making sure I packed my usual beach attire (flip flops and a towel, and a pair of shorts/t-shirt to cover up with on route) I set off that day actually looking forward to the day for once. I arrived at site by 10:00 and was finished in under an hour, so got changed from my work clothes to my beach wear and drove the few miles to Budleigh. Parking was duly paid for and I set off up the path towards the naturist area.
Having never been to Budleigh before, I was a little under-prepared for how difficult it was going to be walking on the pebble beach in flip flops, but I persevered none the less, and soon reached the designated area. Finding a spot was easy considering the small number of naturists present at that time of day. Peeling off my shirt and shorts, laying back on my towel and feeling the sun’s rays on my skin was bliss – the sound of gently breaking waves only adding to my sense of euphoria! All my thoughts of work slipped away and a sense of peace and calm overwhelmed me.
I laid like that for at least half an hour or so before the pebbles became too uncomfortable, then decided to explore along the beach for a while before turning around and heading back. I ate lunch once back at my van, then took one last longing look at the sea, before heading off to a secluded spot in order to change back into my work clothes and returned to work feeling refreshed and relaxed (it’s amazing the therapeutic qualities an hour nude in the sunshine can bring)
All-in-all a very pleasant experience and one I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat, but I’ll leave the flip flops at home next time in exchange for a sturdy pair of hiking boots!