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  • Covid nights.
    During the confinement, no chance to be caught. The ailanthus tree is getting naked too

  • Of possible interest (in German. A 43′ min. video):
    Unter Nackten: Tantra und die Suche nach Veränderung
    Broadcasted on 23th Juli 22h 45–100.html

  • Early morning honeysuckle.
    Yesterday the hedge was swollen with white and yellow flowers of the honeysuckle and brambles. This morning I find the hedge “sheared”. Along the same path, the fallen pappi of the cotton trees had already become seedlings – they disturbed the walk, and someone zapped away those too. I make do with what remains.…[Read more]

  • The virus is over. Games go on. The nature reserve reopened today after two months of closure. In the past two months, water birds have been able to make their nests in peace; the vegetation has grown luxuriant, the reeds (Phragmites australis) have grown through the cracks between the axes of the bridges. On the one hand, nature continues…[Read more]

  • In 66 years, it is the first time that I “see” all these colours in nature. I am increasingly convinced that nudity is a (physical, bodily) gate to nature, to reality. A form and quality of perception, that generate thoughts I never thought.
    1) Green – Yellow – and more – 11:30 this morning, raining
    2) Seen from the other side
    3) Along the same…[Read more]

  • More picture from the stroll two days ago
    1) Light makes things come alive in beauty
    2) Joyful yellow
    3) Chiaroscuro
    4) Perception of my presence

    • Love the avenue of autumn colours, Vittorio. Chiaroscuro too. I know you’ve posted wonderful photos over the years, but it looks like you’ve been taking lessons from our resident photo-expert JMF!

  • If you’ve never seen me dressed, here’s a picture of me: I was invited this morning to a high school to read Plato’s The Apology of Socrates. Here we are in the school library. I like to vary, to be active in other areas as well.

  • Was a windy morning at 8 this morning, but the air so clean, the light so sharp that I couldn’t resist to go out, 10°C. Some impressions:
    1) Placid morning by the pond
    2) Breathing the clearness of the air
    3) Rooted in time and space
    More in a next post

    • Water in nature is incredible, always expressive, reflective & attentive to its surroundings; at times still as in your photo, at others passionate when in full flow and above all a life giver. As always super expressive photos 🙂

  • A little stroll through the fields yesterday before sunset: embodiment, embracement, inbuilt
    1) Little before sunset
    2) Eyes wide open
    3) The old poplar, an old acquaintance
    4) Listening for a red message

    • @vittorio, your pictures are always wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Keep the nudist spirit high!

    • Beautiful photos

    • The colours are so vibrant in the forest and show how nature is so full of life and an energy that we should all embrace to the full. Great photos as always @vittorio Cheers from sunny naked day in Barcelona. Al.

      • Thanks, everybody. Trying to give a title to my pictures I realize the amount of pleasure nature gave to me and finally I find the name of the path I’m going along. In a few days I’ll need again to go out – no idea where – with open eyes, I’ll find some beautiful places. Beauty works like signposts as if nature itself could lead me to a message I…[Read more]

    • always love your pictures they are so beautiful and convey so much of how it feels to be au natural in the natural environment

    • nice nudist tree

    • This is really ridiculous and will continue to promote the message that there are good and bad human body parts! I do think Unesco is making the right decision here. I understand some cultures may see human nudity as offensive, but art should be a sanctuary.

    • This is the 21st century! Amazing to think such ignorance and backwardness can still exist!

    • The greatest authority for culture teaches us what is good and what is not. I couldn’t believe! Unesco would rather shaw respect for every culture and art, not only our heritage but also the art of nowadays. Besides that, I think that everyone is an artist, a culture-bearer: if Unesco doesn’t respect that, that means that Unesco has its own idea…[Read more]

    • Tried to read the pdf but my French is a little too basic to fully follow the text, from what I could understand the concept of the photographer and the selfie was interesting and allowed for individual expression in how the statue could be viewed. Art in whatever form should be sacrosanct and untarnished by censorship by future generations as art…[Read more]

  • This years’s autumn
    1) Pointillism
    2) Autumn silence

  • In the park-place: my naked presence makes the difference and makes me think of the differences we live side by side
    1) Just a parking place
    2) Double-face: nature & technology
    3) Two-way life
    4) À côté de McDonald’s

    • Autumn is here. 🙂

    • Definitely the colours of Autumn are with us.

    • Thank you for your friendship. Your photo gallery, your thoughts are like a wonderful book.To which you want to come back again and again.

      • Thanks, Bobchas. I was a librarian until the 1rst of August, no wonder that my “thoughts are like a wonderful book”.
        I have to say that every time it is a discovery: really a “Wonderland”, outside and inside me. Almost one time in the week I must go out for a walk, not so far from home, and every time I see something new I never noticed before.

    • great as always. I assumed that you have taken these photos early in the morning.

      • Yes, indeed, little before 8: last Sunday we switched in wintertime. Otherwise, the park-place would be plenty of cars 🙂 The sky was cloudy so that the pictures are a little dark. With the sun all the leaves will be illuminated in transparence. Nature is like ancient codex full of illuminated plates (or vice-versa)

      • I have to say that I gave the titles after I have seen the pictures on the monitor. Only then I was aware of the “difference”: the trees and me on the one side and the cars and the shopping centre on the other side. And we both live together, although in different paths

    • I can’t believe you went naked so openly!

      • If you dare, they don’t care. They saw I was there with a camera, I was taking pictures nothing offensive nor exhibitionist. I was there quite for a private matter. May be five people have seen me in the distance. And a man at the petrol station was so close that I couldn’t do without greeting him a good Sunday: as it was nothing special; quite…[Read more]

      • I stay naked almost 24/7 year round. It is my attire of choice whenever possible. I am very open about my choice of life style.

  • Back to the same place: Summer and autumn

  • A short sunset hike to Saint Firmus chapel (45.671086, 10.085590)
    1) Light is everything you see
    2) Autumn colours on my skin
    3) Saint Firmus’ lonely bell tower
    4) ALmost dark (ASA 102.400)

    • like all of your pictures, these are so beautiful and convey context and atmosphere…..thanks for posting

      • Many thanks, Anthony. I felt a strong need to be there, to be naked there, not a form of taking-over, but to be melt with light, air, sky, landscape, especially in sunset time. I was in the right mood to see more of nature around me. Now and then my mind cuts a caper and I’m in two worlds at once: that of today, and that of nature. The result of a…[Read more]

        • i think your beautiful pictures convey that and so much more……. nudity is not the focus but an integral part of what you convey…… could not imagine not being nude is such beautiful environments…… please continue to enchant and captivate us with your beautiful pictures grazie mille

          • I send the first picture to a friend (an artist, painter, about 80y.o.) and he replied:
            «sei riuscito a rappresentare il paradiso con questa finestra di luce da cui improvviso appare Adamo»
            «you managed to represent paradise with this window of light from which Adam suddenly appears».
            I didn’t have anything in mind, not even Adam, but I have to…[Read more]

    • Thank you Vittorio for all these images so colorful and yet so peaceful

  • Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) near home a mix of colours in their autumnal harmony, where even a naked man isn’t too much out of place

  • A quote from Monti’s planisphere: «Quando si scopersero questi paesi vi si trovorno li homini et done grandissimi quasi giganti et portavano li capelli sino alla cintura senza barba et nudi» «When these countries were discovered, men and women were there, almost giants, and they wore their hair to their belts without beards and nudes.»
    The des…[Read more]

  • so beautiful colours of autumn

    • Many thanks, Pierc. Every time I go for a walk in the countryside, I let me lead by colours and lines, regular or not. I like to know plant names as they were personal acquaintance, as they truly are. I changed my way to see, I don’t look for something beautiful: its impact comes by itself. Not a Eureka, but a wonderment.

      • You are really very close to nature, Vittorio. Personally, I don’t know the names of the plants, I don’t know how to recognize mushrooms… I only see the shapes and colors in the camera’s viewfinder.

        • The plant names are like place-, restaurants-, sight-seeings names on a map. Like friends along a road, station of a journey. Names are human things that help us moving throughout the country, we have this symbolic map in our mind, and when we meet a tree, a bush, a herb we are in real life, you know where you are with all the coordinates you…[Read more]

  • GMO?
    A Naktiv-apple 🙂

  • Some pictures from this evening stroll
    1. Everything is light
    2. Phytolacca americana – American pokeweed
    3. Red and gold: autumn colours: grat palette for the skin
    4. Wild garden
    5. Everything has its measure
    I breathed these colours

    • In the bottom pic are those Cotton woods that are at full maturity? Our cotton woods hear have lost most their leaves now as we have had a couple frosts 28f but the leaves started dropping 3-4 weeks ago.

      • We had some drought during August and September, so lime and plane trees leaves had curled up, but still on the branches. Now Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) leaves are brilliant red

    • Wonderful images, Vittorio, and what great colours contrasted against one another.

    • Some beautiful colours Vittorio, thanks.

      • 1) When I saw picture 3 (Red and gold) on the monitor, instantly I thought that these colours could be of my flag: red, green and gold. Instead of those of the Italian flag (green, white and red). More important is that the colour of our flag have symbolic values (I could not agree with: hope, faith and charity; even the with masonic symbols I…[Read more]

    • great photos, as always

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