A photo from a few days ago. In the past years, I used a photo like this one to wish a happy new year to all Naktiv’s friends. The sun had just come out from behind the hill (around 9h15), and two park rangers had just passed by. It was perhaps 5┬░Celsius, but without wind, for a moment one can be without clothes: indeed it is an occasion for the body to get acquainted with the various temperatures. Without hostility.


2 thoughts on “Mistletoe”

  1. So the park ranger have seen you naked?
    I really like to stroll naked in the winter. In the weeked it was -2 here and I walked 4 km naked in the sun.
    Had to cross a brook barefoot cause the bridge was overflooded.
    Thanks for the picture.
    Have a good new year!

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