My introduction to nudism

Having born and brought up in India, I was raised in a non-nudist family and I first heard the term Naturism/Nudism when I was about 25 yrs old and already working! Though I never happened to explore nudism, I happened to move to UK on work where I was lucky to get a nudist roommate. She was Polish and was in UK on work too. She had mentioned about being a nudist when we first met and the day I moved in with her, she opened the door naked. She helped me settle and was naked all the time. It felt a bit weird but I got used to it. This generated interest in me. I shared my thoughts with her and she was very excited and encouraged me to go nude. However, I wanted to take it slow, as I have never lived nude before. So I started off living only with bra and panty for couple of days and felt very good. I decided to take it up a notch, and went topless and then full nude after couple of days. She loved it. There onwards, there was no turning back. I was so comfortable being nude all the time and was loving it, so much that I didn’t feel any shame when her boyfriend used to come to visit her (he wasn’t a nudist though)! We both embarked on many adventures (which I will share in later posts). I also tried my luck in modelling and had couple of photoshoots where I ended posing topless/nude. Now I am back in India with family where being naked at home is close to impossible.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I grew up on a family farm. I have a cousin who came out as a nudist and the family Villainized her. Until the I did did not know what being a nudist was. We did not have internet back in the 70’s. But I would go into the woods and walk around naked all the time. One day one of my younger neighbors was cutting through our property when he walked up on me. A few time we meet up and hung out nude it so relaxing. But now I’m so busy I’m mostly a home nudist.

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