My Life, My Story, My Fitness Progress.

This is me, I am a little bit different than most people, not in how I look or behave, but In my choices. I am a gay man 48 years old almost 49 I am also a nudist although I prefer the term naturist. I am a virgin and 100% celibate of all sexual activity and pleasures (including solo sex). I have made the choice to live without sexual pleasures because I love the feeling of being sexually pure, and it also helps keep me focused on my goals of self improvement. In the past I did self pleasure myself but I have chosen to leave that pastime in the past. I plan to stay Celibate and 100% sex free for the remainder of my life.

I have always been interested in being a nudist and have always loved being nude, I had my first experience at a nudist club in my early twenties. I loved it. It is not a sexual thing, it is the freedom and liberation that love. The feeling of air on my skin. When I have no choice to to wear clothing I do it without underwear, in fact I don't even own any underwear.

I have two pet greyhounds that are rescued ex-racers. They are amazing, you will see them from time to time in my photos. they are amazing. Pictures of them below:

My Boy Jazz.

My Girl lily

I am working on my fitness, and you will see gradual changes in my physique in my photos. My earliest photos on this site were taken 10 years ago, and the latest ones yesterday. I will try to take a couple of photos monthly to show you and myself my fitness progress. My goal is to lean up, gain six pack abs and put on some considerable muscle without becoming huge muscle bound freak. six pack abs on a guy my age is pretty unusual. I have a decent gym at home consisting of a commercial grade equipment. I don't see any point in spending good money on equipment that won't last a lifetime. In my gym I have a rowing machine< power rack with cable machine attached (a high and low cable), and various attachments, Olympic barbells (straight an EZ bar) and dumbels, 160kg of olympic weights, and of course a flat/incline bench.

Below is a picture of me where I am now in my progress, Unfortunately I don't have a photo of myself at the beginning, I was about 8kg heavier at the start. I am currently 66kg. I am only 170cm tall.

So That's my first blog entry, I hope it wasn't too boring. I am now off to do a workout.

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  1. A good read Paul. I agree, exercise regularly keeps you fit and you feel much more healthy. I have kept up exercises for many years, various ways, gym, walking, riding, swimming and more recently yoga. The older we get the more important I think it is to keep active.

    • I totally agree. I plan to keep exercising until the day I die, especially weight training because that is key to not becoming a decrepit old person, ie maintenance of strength. I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog, I will have to keep doing regular posts.

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