My nudist and me

My earliest memory goes back to when I was about 5 years of age. I lived in a large household. With four brothers and my twin. I can remember quite well often disappearing to other parts of the house downstairs and taking off my clothes and running around nude. Often I would be spooked by a noise of think someone was coming so would quickly get dressed again.

When I was about six we moved from the suburbs to the countryside. Moving to a country location surrounded by farms and open spaces with forests and bush. In the summer especially hot nights if I couldn't sleep I would silently slip outside remove my pyjamas and walk around the farm nude. It was exhilarating experience and a daring one two as I often wondered if anyone knew I was outside.
Sometimes I would go for walks during the day on the farm and into the bush and find a nice secluded spot where I would strip off and spent time in the nude exploring walking around. This was also a great experience.

I wanted my friends to experience it. So one afternoon after school we met up and went out to play around on the farm, I told my friends that I liked being nude on the farm and they didn't seem surprised or concerned by that at all. So I thought to myself might as well so off my clothes went. My friends seeing me nude did the same and shed their clothes so there we were all four us. We spent the rest of afternoon building huts, playing soccer and other sports in the nude. It was great and my friends seemed to like the experience. In fact after that we would often get together after school or weekends and play together nude other friends also joined in.

After leaving primary school this all ended. We moved into town to be closer to the schools and I didn't really spend any time nude actually I kind of forgot all about it and never really thought anything more about it. It wasn't until I was about 14 that I started to experiment again being nude. I can remember on family trips to the beach (which almost every other weekend) I would steal myself away and find somewhere private and hidden and there remove my clothes and walk along beach naked or swim naked it was then that I remembered just how fun and relaxing and freeing it was. There were plenty of places to go off too on family trips so it wasn't hard to spend a lot of time in nude. My family didn't seem to realise I'd gone or if they did they weren't too concerned about where I was.

When I reached the age of 16 I gave it away as I was more focused with school, sports, study and social activities, I didn't have much time anymore for anything else also around this time I became interested in Christianity and joined a local Church Youth Group and started making new friends. I felt at the time that nudity was wrong and reserved for the bedroom or bathroom. I was also going through body changes and didn't feel comfortable being nude. It wasn't until many years later at 35 that I began to revisit nudism, naturism, the internet was available and I started to conduct my own research into it.

Finding similarities from other peoples experiences and my own. This led me to wonder if it was okay or even normal to want to be nude all the time. The research I had done suggested that it was in fact ok and not abnormal at all. So I started experimenting again. I decided to visit a clothing optional beach quite close to where I lived I waited for a nice warm summer day and drove out to the beach. Parked and walked down the 1.5Km track down to the beach. I arrived at the beach it was very sheltered secluded and private. I walked along the beach noticing I was the only one there. So I setup my towel and un-packed for a day on the beach. I then removed my clothes put on some sunscreen and relaxed. Later some other people arrived on the beach they were clothes and I was thinking to myself I wonder how they will react to me being naked. My concerns were quickly dispelled the couple not far from me un-packed laid out their towels and were soon naked as well.

It was an amazing feeling to be sitting there naked and be in relative close company with others who were also naked and not at all concerned about it. I went for a swim, read my book, and enjoyed my time nude on the beach then it was time to head home. And I headed back to the car thinking to myself is this what it is supposed to be like? if so I like it and it is good.

I wished I am done this earlier in my life. After that I would visit other nude beaches in area and now have many great memories of time spent nude at the beach. I enjoyed being nude on my own but I wanted to share my experience with others so not long after I started looking at nudist/naturist clubs. I found a club that accepted singles so I emailed them and arranged for visit one Sunday afternoon.

It was with some trepidation and nerves that I made my first visit to a club. I found the club nestled in the forest not far from where I lived. Parked and walked down the path through the gates and down to the club house. I introduced myself and was welcomed in and introduced. Some people were nude some weren't but all seemed happy relaxed and enjoying the afternoon. I had dinner and met other members I wasn't nude yet as I wasn't sure what the protocol was for visitors so remained clothed. After dinner I learned that there was a spa pool.
So asked if I could have one. So had a shower and into the spa pool.Other club members joined me and we talked and talked. Then it was time to go. I thanked my hosts for the introduction and welcome and went home.

Soon after I made another appointment to visit. On my second visit I met another guy who was a visiting also as we walked down to the clubhouse. On arriving he straight away removed his clothes and introduced himself. I didn't feel 100% comfortable doing the same so remained dressed. We had dinner then decided a swim in the pool would be nice so after showering we went for a swim it so just awesome swimming in a big pool in the nude we didn't want to get out, but a club member suggested we were both looking cold so we did. We soon warmed up again in the hot tub.

After that second experience I felt that the nudist thing was for me. So made an application to become a member. About two weeks later I got a letter informing me that my membership application was successful. Unfortunately for me my circumstances that summer changed and I went overseas for long deserved holiday to Australia with a close friend so never got the chance to take-up the offer of membership. I wish I had.

Whilst in Australia I shared with my travel companion and friend that I like being nude and he didn't seem to be concerned about it at all nor offended. We were at this beach walking along having taken a break from our driving. When I asked him if he minded if I strip off. He didn't and so I did.

Later in my holiday my friend decided to stay in Sydney whilst I continued on now on my own I thought to myself "Great more opportunities to be nude" I went to Tangaloma Dolphin Resort off the coast of Brisbane and spent the day nude, I found a lovely beach in town called Merimbula and spent some nude time there.

After returning to New Zealand I didn't really think much about the Club I had visited earlier. But instead decided to just spend time at local nude (clothing optional beaches) which I have done over the summers since.
I was Married a few years ago and finally came out and shared with my wife my desire to be nude and go to beaches and amazingly she was totally accepting of it. We brought a house recently in bush surrounded by forest, private secluded and with a pool. Now I spend as much time nude at home or in the garden or pool as I can. I have now come to a place where I know its okay to want to be nude, it is not wrong, weird, kinky, strange or abnormal.

It's a part of me its in my nature it is who I am. I like my body, I'm proud of what God has given me, so after many many years I am proud to say I am a naturist, nudist, naturalist, call it what you will thats my story.

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  1. Great story! It's good that you tell how your attitude changed over the years, moving back and forth until you finally fully accepted naturism. That could help other people in the middle of that process move towards the nude ideal.

  2. Sounds like its ending well. Our "childish" pleasures become overturned by the demands to conform with clothes. It takes us more years before we realize that we should not have conformed. It would be good if the clothes industry wasn't so demanding.

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