Naked European Walking Tour 2012 – Saturday

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Saturday July 07. We got up early for breakfast, packed, emptied the rooms, and moved everything out of the hut so we could start the “clean sweep” to leave the hut as we found it. The lads did a sterling job, and I think the place was, if anything, cleaner than when we arrived. The proprietress arrived as we were finishing up, and drove into the hut area with her cleaner lady as passenger, as several of us were still walking around naked. As she got out of the car she said with a smile, “have we arrived a little early?” She was clearly unconcerned with our (non-)attire, and proceeded to go through the last formalities of handing over the keys and final local tax payment collection in good humour. Asking us to recommend the hut to our friends, perhaps we might come again, and waving us a friendly goodbye, we took our leave reluctantly, as the comfortable hut had temporarily become a home from home for this singular week. Our car convoy snaked down the long forestry road for the last time towards the Bahnhof, before we all separated and began our various journeys, by plane, train and car, heading back home, or onto new horizons. We’d had a great week, been extremely fortunate with the weather and had enjoyed some good company. A superb weeks’ naked hiking tour for all of us to remember for many years to come. Just one last thing, if you wish to join any future trip, remember to call me “Beni” 😉

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