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I am a new member of this site.

My native language is “swiss-german”. That’s the reason, I often use “google-translation” german-> english. This can lead to funny sentences. So, excuse these mistakes.

I was born and growed up in the middle of Switzerland (a very conservative region: nudity = sin). For my education I moved to the Romandie (western of Switzerland). I removed. Now I am living and working in the “conservative region”.

It’s about 10 years (2009), a psychologist said to me: live your life, not the life of others.
That was the beginning of my life as naturist/nudist. Since 2015,
 I am almost always naked at home. This was also the start time for walking and fishing nude (only flyfishing and tenkara).

My wife isn’t a naturist/nudist. She has already visited a naturist area (rivabella on corse) with me. She liked to be naked, but but she would never walk naked outside of a camp. Our three children are no naturists/nudists.

I am member of INF, but not active in any group. I am “more or less” active in various forums.

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  1. I have been openly sunbathing and swimming nude en famille for the past ten years or so. I actually put up a bamboo privacy fence around the pool so no complaints would be heard from family or friends. Now my wife is a committed textile (so far) but there are leanings in the nude direction.
    A big reason is that I am now, thanks to our Florida climate, nude all the time at home. I do dress for dinner as a concession, and when it is cold. The atmosphere at home has now changed from “what if the neighbors see you?” to “I understand that it’s your lifestyle,” and “No, you don’t have to put on pants to go to the mailbox, your boxers are just fine.” It’s clear that I don’t equate my personal nudity with a desire for sex. It’s simply a part of who I am.
    I think that what has happened is a growing body awareness for both of us. I have been on a very disciplined diet albeit a trial & error diet, for the past year, with considerable success. At last count, I have dropped 22 lbs in the last year, and am no longer obese but simply overweight. My wife has tagged along on the diet, and can now get into a size 6, down from a 10 or 12. While before she looked good, now she looks great, and for the first time in decades she presented herself to me nude and asked me how she looked. (Yes, I do know how to answer that kind of question 🙂 I kind of get the message that she likes to look at me naked now, whereas before my nudity was simply tolerated.
    Honestly, I do believe that body image and body shame are barriers that we need to overcome if we are to enjoy our own nudity. Intellectually we accept all of the new messages about body shame. But it isn’t until we can experience a shift, either physically in our own bodies, or by immersion into everyday, all day, nudity, either alone or in the company of others so inclined that we can make the decision to embrace a lifestyle of nakedness.
    The other thing that I have done (remember, this is a male writing) is to embrace housework, so long as I can do it nude. If I could work nude outdoors, I would be working 24/7.
    So for all of us who live in a nudist/textile relationship, I do think that there is hope. Keep it consistent, keep it gentle and don’t give up.

  2. Nice to hear your story. In my experience if you are naturist at home your family will accept nude as normal, They may never wish to go naked themselves, but they will eventually not even notice whether you are naked or clothed. Good luck – I hope that you are pleasantly surprised by your family. They know, because of you, that not wearing clothes is a choice they have each day. So many people do not know that they have a choice.

  3. Welcome, there are many family units that have a ‘lone naturist’ in them. The only thing that most of them worry about, is how their own family/partner/children will accept a naked person all day. Respect your home & your family, also ask them to respect you, after that it’s all about compromise. As a man from a naturist life, a naturist upbringing to my present day family (also naturists), I wish you all the happiness nudity can bring. You can put your thoughts & experiences on here, there’s always advice & comment readily given.

    • Thanks.

      My wife is wonderful. She loves to see me naked. But when visit announces, she would like me to cover myself.
      When I visit my two older children, the first question is always: are you dressed? The youngest asks this question only when accompanied. Otherwise she will accept my nudity.

  4. hi Ricky, good to hear about your growing experience/s with naturism. I can sympathise with the partially textile wife and kids, mine was/are along these lines too (long story). Hopefully you will find interesting stories here (take a browse through some of the blogs perhaps) and find a few like-minded folk along the way.

    Don’t worry about the language, your English ist hervorragend and we don’t stand on ceremony here! Welcome aboard.

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