Not the Glasgow WNBR but almost

I did the Glasgow version of the wnbr today…. I did my 1.5 mile swim at Glasgow western baths in the morning, I tried my hand paddles for the 1st time – a great success if my aching shoulders are anything to go by!

Then when to see the British National Cycling Road Race, held just round the corner. I followed the course backwards by foot – 10 miles of actually quite steep terrain (the cyclists did 13 laps, I did one!). Due to the course layout I could switch between the out and back legs on the way back, so saw quite a bit of the action.

The most crowds were on the surprisingly steep hills, with cow bells, and the odd pan plus wooden spoon (It was student land after all). Got back to hear Mark Cavandish won – quite a surprise due to the terrain. all in all a great day out

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