Nude Selfie Daily Photo Challenge.

Nude Selfie Daily Photo Challenge Pushing public acceptance of human bodies.

Its perfect for those who like to take pictures. Post a nude photo of yourself every day on a non-nudist web site. The photo should include your smiling face and your beautiful human body. Humans are the most beautiful species. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, thin or plump, tall or short, male or female. YOU are a beautiful human being. Post your naked photo on Twitter, on Similar Worlds, on Facebook (with blurs if needed), or on whatever other non-nudist site you post on.

Posting nude photos on nudist sites like Naktiv is preaching to the choir. The rest of the world needs to become used to seeing human bodies as a regular part of every day life. And, WE need to become used to being seen by the public as part of our everyday lives.

When your mother, your friend, your office mate sees your photo just tell them that you are a NORMAL human not ashamed to be seen as human.

I post my selfies every day on Twitter and Similar Worlds. I go out talking photos in the world to have more to post. I also post my daily selfie on my computer background "wallpaper." I have the experience of seeing myself as others see me.

Take the challenge. CLAIM Yourself and your right to be you. And have fun taking interesting pictures of yourself in interesting normal places. OK GO!

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    • On FB you have to do fuzzies or stickers on "parts." On other sites you can just post people. I post Twitter and Similar Worlds every day. Similar Worlds (SW) is the successor to Experience Project (EP) which didn't allow nudity and closed. SW allows nudity.

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