Nudism: A mirror to the human soul

Our soul represents spiritual or  eternal  nudity….whereas our  physical nudity is a mirror image…naturism or nudism enable  us to be comfortable, respectful of not just the self but also of others^ nudity too…all  the  more it gives us the freedom to be what we truly are without crossing the limits….

1 thought on “Nudism: A mirror to the human soul”

  1. It is a kind of freedom that has to be experienced to be appreciated. I have met people who have shed their clothes only 2 hours earlier and they were so happy, relieved & refreshed. They said it was just the most natural & relaxed way to be comfortable. They were amazed how all age groups just blended into one very happy & carefree bunch of people. I just can’t understand why more people won’t join in and give social nudity a try, just 24 hours of relaxing as nature intended, what could be better ?

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