Nudism is a 'spiritual path'… Living in tune with the Nature!

some generic Questions on 'Naturism' — the rest of this blog has been removed —

The "author" has been sent a warning, and the rest of this blog has been removed by the administration, as being a plagiarized copy of material from

Please read the extensive documentation here, starting with:

44 thoughts on “Nudism is a 'spiritual path'… Living in tune with the Nature!”

  1. Hi Richard,
    I have gone to their site – to tender my apologies, but not sure where I could do the same.

    I shall try again.

    And, true I posted their contents, but i didnt claim that its something I have discovered or invented; – just trying to share info and details about the same as much possible.

    After all, naturism has been in vogue from centuries ago and so none of us actually can claim any credit

    Agreed, its my mistake not to mention the source, but to take it as if its a crime / i steal their contents – is to undermine the very purpose of all these groups / networks…

    Anyways, let me apologize to them.


    • Nobody from All-Nudist contacted any adminstrator on the Naktiv site about the plagiarist post. The first anyone here heard about it was when Steve & Denise pointed out the virulent All-Nudist blog post and it was only then that it was possible to investigate and deal with the issue. So, thanks again, to Steve & Denise

  2. You're welcome. It's a shame, the all nudist site is a good naturist resource but the attitude of the editorial team (I suspect just one person) leaves a lot to be desired and is seemingly rather stuck in the dark ages.

    That said, we should bear in mind that it is in their interest to ferment contention and conflict as it drives traffic to their site and ultimately increases the opportunity to generate advertising revenue. Admins here should take heart from the fact that the Naktiv site has caught their attention as a potential threat to the "big boys" (I couldn't believe the arrogance of that comment in one of their replies) I just wish I could resist the temptation to rise to the bait 🙂 When all's said and done – good luck to them. It is a good resource and everyone needs to make a living – right?

    • Well spotted. The user has a warning issued, and the blog has been "editorially adjusted". Plagiarists we do not need, if anyone sees anything of this nature again, (for sure this kind of idiocy will happen from time to time), you can also report it in the feedback group.

    • BTW. to Steve & Denise, Michael, and the others who have replied on the all-nudist site to try to put the record straight – I thank you for the effort. It's not often people are corrected from spreading misleading FUD and it's good see some people are prepared to do so.

      Many thanks

    • Hi Steve & others
      Sorry for delay in reply; been away for a while…

      First of all, its my error in not mentioning the source of this post. Not that I wanted to take credit (I dont mind when others quote my posts / thoughts in their site / groups without mentioning my name etc), just forgot to mention that – but I shall be more careful henceforth, as it becomes a cause of anguish to many.

      As for my other posts – its my thoughts on naturism that i have shared with.


      • It's not just a matter of "not mentioning the source", it's the "cut-and-paste" of other people's content AND not citing the source, that is the issue. The problem is that it gives the appearance of your work, when in fact it is somebody else's. There is an entire page devoted to this subject here:

        Once you have read, and digested, that information, might I politely suggest you go on to the All-Nudist site and apologize to them personally for your use of their material. I think they might appreciate the effort.


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