Oops…I've been seen!

A little story to go with a photo I posted…

As I was walking back down this hill in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I was suddenly shocked to see what appeared to be a very dark colored coyote. We've seen many of these coyotes in the park before, but usually not in the day. Not too unusual for this area, but startling none the less! I stop dead in my tracks, not wanting to upset this critter, when from around the bend comes a man, fully dressed with a coat and cap, with another dog. Apparently they were shepherd-wolf hybrids, and very friendly dogs too!

All of a sudden I remembered I was in the nude and this poor man wasn't! I sort of covered my tiny bits with my sweat shorts(which I ALWAYS carry!)and said "Sorry, I thought I was the only one on the trails and there were no other cars in the area." As it was a little drizzly, I was confident no one else would be out in this weather. He chuckled a bit and said he parked in the other lot up the hill and also saw no other vehicles around…I forgot about that one. Feeling a bit awkward, I made a little conversation, not thinking that he may not have wanted to talk to a skinny naked man in the woods. I also stopped to pet the dogs…very silky and thick fur I might add. He was very polite to me, then turned and continued his walk, he could have easily been offended and made a scene. I'm sure he'll have a little laugh when he gets home and shares this story!

This was the first time anyone has ever seen me in the nude, other than doctors and my limited female and male partners, and it turned out to be no big deal. All that worrying for nothing I suppose…or I was just lucky.

I'm still giggling about it, but can't tell anyone here because they don't know or understand the love of nude hiking. So you guys have to listen to my stories now!

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  1. One of the few compensations of losing the official naturist designation at Corton Beach was that Suffolk Constabulary made it quite plain that they were aware of the CPS guidelines and that naturism on a non designated beach was not a criminal offence per se. That still might not help if you end up meeting a young bobby who doesn't know what his superiors are well aware of…

  2. Here in the UK such encounters often occur as you (David) describe, but there are just two groups that you have to be wary of; Female dog walkers and off-duty police officers. I have joked in the past that should you encounter an off-duty female police officer walking her dog you would be done for!

    Seriously, I think the police officers are a problem because so many *think* nudity is illegal and so believe they must act – only later do they realise that you haven't actually broken any laws, so they try to pin the vague public order act on to you. Happily the crown prosecution service have now published guidelines on 'dealing with cases of public nudity' which makes that more difficult for them (the police) although there is still a risk of arrest before the officer concerned reads the guidelines…

      • The law here in France is still a bit fuzzy and needs the clarity, if not the full understanding yet, of guidelines as in UK now. Surprising as France is so accommodating to naturist tourism. However, we've never actually met any problems in our patch in the Eastern Pyrenees.

        • There is probably less need for such guidelines in France because, as you said, Naturism is more accepted. The UK guidelines were written in response to several cases where BN had helped Naturists fight the cases brought against them.

          • Have you got any examples Brian of where naturism is more accepted? Apart from resorts or holiday camping/caravan clubs it would be nice to know of places where nakedness is normally seen.

          • I am not an expert on France, just aware that Naturism appears to be more accepted over there and I was simply echoing Christophe's assertion and contrasting it to the background to how the CPS in the UK came to write it's guidelines.

          • I recall a case a while ago reported on the net of a nude hiker in France being arrested, but I don't recall the details. I'll try to find it. It gave me pause for thought for a minute or two but 1 isolated incident isn't going to curb my activities. I recall though from that incident that legislation was unclear.

          • As Brian says naturism is more accepted here in France and I feel more relaxed hiking and spending time outdoors here than I do in UK, simply because of more relaxed attitudes. However, it's still not mainstream and we should continue to pick our places: more remote hiking routes and recognised naturist beaches, although some push the envelope without adverse consequences.
            My home overlooks a bay where topless bathing occurs daily in suitable weather and on the far side of the bay, on the rocks, full nudity regularly occurs. However, I have to admit that I have regrettably noticed in recent years that top-free bathing and nudity has diminished a little. Not sure why this is. I'll do my bit to keep the numbers up though.

  3. Many years ago myself & my ex were walking naked through a quiet wooded area about 5 miles from the nearest population. We had been there before many times & never seen anyone. We had stripped in her car & walked around 10 minutes into a 25 minute circular route. Then from around a slight bend came a woman & a young youth both fully dressed. The youths gaze landed squarely on my girlfriends large breasts, the woman stood motionless and agog! We both smiled gently and kept walking, as I half turned I saw the woman tugging at the youth and she said, "You have seen boobs before! but I never expected 2 naked people out here!"
    I don't recall us two being over concerned but we did laugh about it as we later drove away, (fully clothed) we walked there again but took shorts with us.
    That lad must have felt shocked, he looked almost white & lifeless for that brief moment.

    • I was parked at the Valley Picnic area off Riverview Road. I was on the Oak Hill Trail going to the Plateau Trail when low and behold…it was too late to cover up. Just make believe you know what you're doing as my mom always said!

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