Open letter on false-reporting on Facebook and Twitter

Open letter to Facebook and Twitter and their account users.

If someone doesn't like what I post on Twitter or Facebook, it's easy to fix, they just need to unfollow me, or block me from their account. It is not necessary to implement a stasi-like system where people can report someone anonymously and the target has no idea who did this or why. And their is no recourse, or appeal process of any kind. This simply feeds the witch-hunting and snitch mentality which was so pervasive in the 20th century.

The fact that someone sees my posts, and doesn't like what they see, means they are following my account. Surely if someone then reports me, it is a simple thing to unfriend them from my account and block us from eachother at the same time? Otherwise you just play into the hands of the fanatics who decide to dislike a theme, friend everyone they find with that theme, and report all of their posts. This just means your social networks are bogged down with bogus spam reporting from juvenile idiots.

If this is you, PLEASE unfollow me, or unfriend me, or block me, or whatever is necessary, but for goodness sake STOP reporting me. Thank you!

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  1. I wouldn't find it so bad if Facebook would provide an avenue to appeal or protest for a chance at reversing their decision. I think what ticks me off the most about the whole thing is that I reported a picture of two naked people actually having sex and a group full of pornography and other sexual content and Facebook would not remove the picture or the group stating that they did not violate their guidelines for nudity or pornography.

  2. i can understand your feelings on this as i got reported twice on Facebook about 2 pictures, 1 picture had me with a T-shirt on but picture was a bit low and the second picture was a naked shot but from behind with nothing from the front showing , i ended up with a 24 hour posting ban.

  3. On Facebook can you block sharing of your own posts? I don't think so. So no matter how you trust you friends if one of them shares a post with their friends then you never know what the repercussions could be. It's a sad lack of control, one has to trust friends to share discretely.
    Also all sorts of things are visible to all sorts of people through the ticker……
    It's a minefield. Traps everywhere. And a bunch of people who go out of their way to find and report stuff which offends them. They have nothing better to do with their lives…

    • It's the people who have nothing better to do, I think, who are the most arse-hole-ish about everyone else's activities. They don't have a life, so they only enjoy screwing with other people's. Sad really. I wouldn't care but they have a direct effect on me. Maybe that's all they are trying to do, have an effect on somebody, somewhere?

  4. I only managed to post it on to Twitter. Thanks for the offer, I'd appreciate that. And, of course, the more people who retweet it and post it on Facebook too, the better. Although I can see it's like preaching to the choir, the people who need to see it either won't see it, or will ignore it 🙁

  5. I couldn't agree more Richard. I just deFriend if someone riles me but rarely do that because sometimes it can be projection but a sustained campaign of reporting is malicious and as you say, the problem with sites like Facebook, is there's no way of knowing who. Presumably it's someone in your network? I'm screwed on that basis, given the fact I have a big network.

    I have Blocked spammers in the past or porn/skin touters or those who're downright abusive but in the main, most people are just, fair and reasonable.

    It sounds like you have an axe grinder there. IMO, Facebook is infinitely worse than Twitter because they feed into the petty sniping mentality through their moderating process and petty rules. Twitter seem to be on the case much faster and they don't seem to permit some of the major anomolies Facebook do in terms of their permissible postings. I'm just inordinately glad you have created this space where we can network without the petty rules and regs.

    It's more likely to be someone you know/have had dealings with than a random Follower, so cast your mind back and then block the likely antagonists if it's becoming a real problem. Failing that do an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg and I'll RT it for you across my business accounts. I'm sick of the petty mindlessness too.

        • Thanks for that, FKKHiker. I would not be surprised if it's someone who has just hooked onto my account and reports me every time I post something they don't like. Because the system is set up to favour tell-tales and anonymous reporting there is no way to remove these people from my friends lists, if they want to stay on there.

          Facebook (et al) SHOULD implement a simple process whereby if you report someone you are also immediately blocked from their content. Which is presumably what the reporter wants in any case. Then this wouldn't happen more than once.

          Stupid people.

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