Our sexual lives

“A person’s pleasure is as powerful and intoxicating as any force on earth. You may not yet feel it, but within you is a wellspring of vitality that can transform your sexual pleasure and illuminate your life. We often think of sex as separate from the rest of our lives, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our sexual lives mirror our general health, our relationships, and our emotional well-being at the deepest level. It is certainly true that who we are and what we have experienced affects our sexuality, but it is also true that making changes in our sexual lives can transform other parts of our lives, including our relationships.”

– Mantak Chia

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  1. Nudity vs. spirituality / meditation / self consciousness &. Nudity is per se something natural in its whole nature an mesure. Our body opens itself, and in this way something rise to the mind. Feelings, sensations are not thoughts: they are more than thoughts, they are the inner direct non-conceptual tongue within us. Speaking in general, we don't need philosohpies, doctrines, sacred books, mantra, prayers, rites. We are a whole in our body, self-sufficient. All the rest is culture, and we need criticism, we have to stress us choosing the right one. Our body knows well its needs: hunger, thirst, sleep, movement… In contrast with our habits, nudity helps us to recognize another part of ourseves, covered up with everyday give-and-takes with society. Nudity helps us to *see* our body, not as an aristotelian substance, but as a real, touchable, living pesence of what we are, and not what we think to be.

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