Reputation and feedback

Everyone should have access to the “reputation” tool from everyone
else’s profile page. This enables us to vote people UP and DOWN based
on what we think of their posts. The more people use the tool, the
more representative the score will be. You see the reputation facility
when you look at someone’s profile page.

You can also vote a specific content or posting up or down, using the
little “green +” and “red -” icons on each post.

There are also Facebook and Google+ and Twitter links on the
right-hand side for recommending and sharing interesting posts to a
wider audience, thus leveraging these networks as an extension of our
own, and utilizing the world-wide-web in the linked together way it
was always intended to be.

The idea of these tools, which are far more sophisticated than a
monosylabic “Like”, is to provide a sociable way to give feedback to
our membership and to encourage more people to join, and to post
interesting and on-topic content.

There’s also the possibility of a leader-board, which has been removed
for the moment, as it might encourage too much competition 🙂

Feedback is welcome!

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