So your partner is now interested in naturism

There are many hobbies and interests that women -and men- do not necessarily share with their partner. In the normal scheme of things, men might go fishing or to a football match. Women may go a bundle on yoga or cupcakes (in the interests of equality, I am sure there are some men around who are also very fascinated by cupcakes, and women who go fishing) and neither sex will feel a need to justify or explain those interests.

But ladies, how do you feel if your man has suddenly announced an interest in naturism?

Naturism's image in the UK, besides having one fostered by the Carry On films and volleyball games accompanied by a lot of bouncing behind the shrubbery, has not been helped by naked ramblers who always seem to be male, appearing before the courts. So understandably, you might be alarmed and not know what to think about it.

First of all, these stereotypes are not the true picture of naturism as it is, and despite simple nudity for it's own sake at times being rather sensationalised by the media, I hope to convince you that it is a lovely and wholesome activity with a lot to offer women in particular, and explain what it means to me as a female.

It gives you a sense of well being; the feeling of sun and water all over the body is one of the greatest joys in life and it is good for you! It is also good for you mentally as it gives you confidence in your body image and how you look naturally, without trying to conform or imitate an impossible and artificial photo shopped image. You never need to work at being bikini ready. It is a great de stresser, as you are not trying to be something you are not. You are just yourself, with nothing expected of you, but just to enjoy the sun, water and air as you are.

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