Telling Others you are a nudist

I think a good way to tell other people about the fact you are a
nudist is to kind first find out what they feel about nudism. One way
is to ask about skinny-dipping because a lot of people have done that
and usually do not have the negative reaction to that that many people
do when they hear the word “nude”. If they have an immediate reaction
along the lines of “that is disgusting” you may well want to change
the subject. However if they have a more positive reaction you may
well want to expand on that until you gradually inform them of the
fact you participate in nudist activities.

Obviously now that I am living in a clothing optional community where
(weather permitting) I can go around nude as much as I want, my family
(Mother and two married sisters) know I am a nudist.

Long before I moved here I told them about the fact that I was a
nudist and went to nudist events because I wanted them to hear the
story from me in the way I wanted to tell it and at a time that I was
comfortable telling them. I did not want someone else taking that from

So one time when I was visiting one of my sisters and my Mother (along
with other family members) the subject of my tanned arms and face came
up. I told them that I had been going to a place where I could sit in
the sun and get a tan as well as swim and I had an all-over tan (no
tan lines).

I did not start with the ‘skinny-dipping” idea because I did know that
while they were not nudists themselves they were open-minded enough
that they would accept the fact I am a nudist. They may not like it,
and they may not do it themselves, but they would accept it.

My other sister found out from me sometime later and she thought it
was absolutely great. Again she would not participate in it herself
but she not only accepted it but on a later visit (when the weather
was warmer) invited me for a swim in her pool. The pool was in an area
secluded enough so I did not need a suit even though she and her
husband did wear them.

I am not ashamed of the fact that I am a nudist and I did not feel
that it was an aspect of my life that I should keep hidden like I was
ashamed of it.

Both my sisters and their husbands have visited me where I live now
and are glad to see how happy I am here but while they may have told
their friends and neighbors that they have visited me I really doubt
if they told them about the fact that it was at a nudist resort

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