Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere!

The following post was written by the naked and active folk who frequent the Cantarriján beach in Granada, Spain. Although there is some natural focus on their beach, the suggestions are generic and can be applied almost everywhere. There is a strong synergy with the Naktiv ideal to “come out naked!” which I especially like. Let’s not hide behind rocks and trees, we’re just naked for goodness sake. Let’s tell a few people about our fun lifestyle too, we don’t have to proselytize to open a discussion. The only way to encourage the naked lifestyle is to encourage it!

10 Tips to improve our Nude Beach

  1. Let’s join the entire beach. Nudists like to be surrounded by other nudists and sometimes, we tend to go to the ends of the beach where the atmosphere is calmer. But that gives a feeling of seclusion. And this can, without intending to, send a negative message to some textiles:  “Nudists like to be apart and hidden”, as if nudism was something pernicious. In Cantarriján, we tend to go to the second cove and that makes most people believe that this second cove is nudist and that the first is not. Let’s always try to use the first cove, next to the beach bars and hammocks. That the first thing that everyone who comes to Cantarriján sees is to the nudists. To nudists who do not take cover behind stones and twists, as many suppose. We are nudists and we are proud to be so. We have nothing to hide and isolating ourselves can be an excuse for others to mistakenly think that they do.
  2. Let’s make ourselves visible.  Being a Nudist is being proud of our freedom, but there are still many of us who are scared that people know that we get naked on a beach. Nudism needs names and faces. Let’s not hide. Let’s not be afraid to make ourselves look naked. Normality and nudist visibility must start with ourselves first.
  3. Activate and get involved.  Nudist consciousness can be defined as the knowledge that a nudist has about the state of other nudists in his community. But many of us do not put it into practice. The best way to do this is to get involved, worrying about  “what can I contribute to nudism”  and not just ask ourselves  “what are nudist groups or associations going to do for me” while I take the sun placidly. Let’s get involved! Let’s get active as nudists. We recommend you join collectives or affiliates as members of naturist associations. In Cantarriján there is a very active association and it needs each and every nudist. To do more things and create great strength as a group. Giving opinions, seeing how aspects can be improved, developing ideas and putting them into practice, contributes to creating nudist awareness.
  4. Let’s participate in activities. To make nudism visible is to normalize it among those who still have a poor and negative view of it. Many associations carry out activities in their areas. By joining them, in addition to having fun and creating moments of leisure and recreation, we are creating visibility and normality in nudism. Our association carries out all kinds of activities, both in Cantarriján and outside it, and they are always open to the participation of all nudists, whether they are associated or not. We recommend that you participate in them. You will see that going beyond our towel or deck chair will give us a broader perspective of nudism and nudists.
  5. Let’s get closer to other nudists. Let’s talk to them and build relationships. Meeting other people who share hobbies helps to “make pineapple” among nudists.
  6. Let’s encourage people to try nudism.  Let us dialogue and treat our condition as nudists with our environment and friends as normal. We do not have to convince anyone, but the word is our best asset so that people know the benefits of nudism. Let them see that we are as equal as any other. Let’s invite non-nudist people to come to Cantarriján and see for themselves that this beach is a paradise where you feel that the freedom of your skin is the best option. Because you already know… .there is nothing better than seeing a white ass on a beach. It is the sign that a new nudist “is born.”
  7. Let’s always use positive language.  Let’s not talk about  “textileism”  with derogatory connotations, because that will already put our non-nudist interlocutor on the defensive. Never lose cordiality. Let’s think that most nudists had a first time and that many textiles just wait for a friendly “push” to dare to try it. One more nudist is one less textile in Cantarriján.
  8. Let us see ourselves on the beachfront.  Settling on the beachfront is a good way to make yourself visible and encourage others to undress with our example. We in Cantarriján call it  “creating a nudist reef” . All beach users have to go through there. We highly recommend this point because it is the best option to capture social nudity and that everyone see it.
  9. Let’s get out of our towels. Taking a good stroll in the nude along the shore, besides being healthy, is educational and normalizing for the textile user. And if we want to have something to eat or eat, we will not dress to do it if it is not essential. In Cantarriján, we can make use of the optional clothing space in one of the beach bars, which has taken us so much time and effort to achieve. Let’s use it and let’s do it naked!
  10. Let’s get naked and others will follow us.  And let’s not wait to get to our point of stay on the beach to do it. As much as possible, we recommend that you undress on arrival. And when dressing to leave, always do it just before leaving the beach. In Cantarriján, when we get off our vehicle or the bus, let’s take off our clothes. And when we leave, let’s always put our clothes on at the last minute. Nudism is our ideology and our form of expression. Let’s not hesitate to put it into practice from the moment we step on the sand until we leave it. Thus, we will create a nudist trend.

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9 thoughts on “Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere!”

  1. Strong case for making all beaches clothing-optional. This should be the “normal” of any beach on the planet. Swimsuits are stupid and being able to getting naked without being frowned upon or worse seems so natural that I still don’t understand why it’s not the case… Great to read.

    • Well, not Spanish but Catalan. The word “pinya” can be translated as pineapple and in catalan means pineapple too, but it means also the crowded base of the traditional human castles made in Catalonia, this castles start “fent pinya” = “making the pineapple” = making the base. Starting from here every get-together to stand with someone in Catalonia is named “fer pinya” = “to make pineapple”

  2. I think all of this is spot on. This is why I have always been a fan of ‘clothes optional’ because that brings Naturists and textiles together, so helping to normalise nakedness. (I don’t see ‘textile’ as a derogatory term, unless used in a derogatory way)

    Sadly it is so difficult to follow these ideals if you are the only one. This is why I like to have company on my naked walks. Only recently I was sat taking a bite to eat with a group of naked walkers when a group of textiles walked past. I just thought how great that was for the furtherance of our cause, because it all seemed so relaxed and normal. Hopefully that’s a few more textiles who might now realise that there is nothing sinister in being naked and may even try it themselves someday…

  3. Richard, I was in Spain last year on a little beach near Roses. We were two, me and a woman, being naked in the middle of many people in swimsuits, without it seeming to bother, without any remark. This freedom to be is a real richness for Spain. Here in France, we may have more naturist centres, but mentalities are not as free.

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