Naked hiking in Tarragona in November

November in Tarragona, a place famous for extremely strong winds which will keep even the hardiest off the peaks.

Well, after a week of rain (which the grass needed) and as the sun came out I thought it the perfect time to take the Polly for a hike “out back”. Our tour took us up a steep forested valley track until we reached a pass with stupendous views almost all around us. The sun was gentle as I sweated the last few steps to crest the ridge. Even though this was a Sunday, I saw very few people. Perhaps the rain during the last week kept most of them thinking about indoors activities for the weekend.

I was naked for most of the hike,and met only a couple of couples heading up the valley as I descended. The usual friendly greetings were exchanged and we all got on with our respective hikes, as you’d expect. The air thickened as I headed back to the lower climes, the coast becoming nearer and bluer. Too soon, the hike was over and we were homeward bound. A short hike but it was great to be outside experiencing the Catalonian air on my skin, and I think Polly enjoyed it too.

Then it was nice to get home for a cup of tea!


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