Textile vultures

This is on the Italian coast – the heat is intense, the ladies are out
showing as much as they dare in their slinky bikinis. If you don’t
think these are slinky, try to imagine what they would have been
wearing around the time of the second world war 1940-ish, or in 1858 ,
probably thick core body swimsuits. Anyway, the point is, as soon as
this fellow came arrived with his swag-bag of textile wraps, he was
immediately surrounded by all the ladies, seemingly desperate to grab
whatever was available, not to wear exactly so much as to try on, and
play with. It was a comical situation and had to be seen to be
believed, (and I mean comical in a nice way :), although I don’t
suppose the fashion industry would be in the least bit surprised. Of
course, if you are going to wear clothes, you could do worse than to
advertise the environment, or nudity, on your textile.

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