The flavour of corn

To morning at 6:30 a.m., nature is already awake: the sun has woken her up: every single being is spoon-fed! And the day begins to turn, to grind away the time, the hours, one thing after another. The light has already dazzled me: it has only taken a few minutes. I know that there is power in the light, in the air, in the summer. And I’m glad I have blinders on to the present. When I’m naked, I strip away all commitments, appointments, things to do: I see the world from another facet, clear, transparent, alive (even if it’s still the same crystal). Other thoughts come to mind, who knows where I go fishing them out, in the depths of the sea inside me. In a few days, the mower will pass, and then the threshing, the mill, the baker and finally a nice warm bread for my breakfast. There is also this. But the light, the magnet that attracts me to the light, to the real, is just as strong. It feeds me with another sort of food.


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    • I’m very pleased, Richard, that you enjoyed the photograph. Only now do I see what you noticed. At the moment I was feeling something that caught my attention. The idea of the hand on the ears of corn came only at the time of the shot. It’s probably the knowledge of being naked that opens (inconsciously) the doors of perception.

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