The (Un)reality of Nakedness

I am reading “Divine Comedy” from Dante and found out that in next life, we’ll have it naked.

Well, it seems. I did not come to “Heaven” part of the book, but until now in the “Hell” (inferno), everyone take their wages in the nude.

I supposed that in the “Heaven” part, this will be the same, cause if you are paying for your sins or enjoying the reward for your good deeds, no matter what, you would not have anything to hide. Not from God, that see us as we really are, and not from others.

So, nakedness is part of what we are, or is the core part of what we really are.

But I have to develop it further, cause the nakedness, for me, connects me to a real life, not the everyday life, but the real thing, and when it happen it is like you are throw to another kind of reality. Everything turns into more colorful and real, but feeling this “real me” makes me feel like I am not fully into reality, but in another level. This happens to me since the first time I got nude in the open. I have to develop it, but reading Dante, makes me recall this feeling again and again.

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  1. Thanks, Luis for the quote from Dante. Since little children, we learned about the nude damned in Hell. I cannot remember if we were curious about the nudity of the damned. I don’t think. Divine Comedy was simply not real, not so real as the first porn magazines we stared at as thieves. Even the story about St. Francis buried naked gave us any naughty hint («e al suo corpo non volle altra bara» [«and for its corpse would have no other bier»] Paradiso XV, 117) nor Jesus naked on the cross «ella con Cristo salse in su la Croce» («she [sc. naked Poverty] wept with Christ [also naked] upon the cross») ibid. 72 [en. quotes from The Divina Commedia” was a core subject, at most, poetry, nothing really affecting our business of that days.

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