The need to be naked

I was having breakfast with a friend of mine who is also a nudist. One thing that I said was that i felt that some "nudists" had this idea that if you're not trying to be nude all the time then you're not a true nudist. This attitude confounds me. What if a new person came into ours or another nudist site and noted this attitude. What would it say to them. Would they feel condemned cause they don't have a need to be always nude, not wanting to go to a nudist resort/club, not searching out nudist beaches and/or taking a risk and disrobing on a non official nudist beach? I believe so. It may put people off even trying. Why can't people just be allowed/left alone to choose for themselves what lifestyle they want to live. I say laissez faire. You do your thing and I'll do mine. How about we just encourage people to try it for themselves in whatever manner suits them. Even if they never go nude outside of their own home, what's the big deal? If they enjoy the freedom within those parameters then good for them.

That is all 😀

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  1. Being a nudist is a state of mind, not dress. There are people who want to be naked all day long, and others who are happy to be naked at the weekend. There are people who want the entire world to be naked, and (most of the) others who want people to dress, or not, how they want, when they want. The latter seems to me to be the most appropriate, as everyone has their own freedom of choice, at all times.

  2. Absolutely true. Dropping one's clothes is not the same for everyone. There are people who walk out the door naked in their own street, others are only getting comfortable with their nude self in their bedroom, door locked and curtains drawn. It's not a switch you flip, it's something you do on your own. At your own speed.

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