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There are many questions about what to do when it comes to getting that knock on the door and to ask yourself — to cover up or just swing the door wide open with nothing but a but smile on. Well, you are free to do it the way you like. However, if you’d like to be a respectful Naturist/Nudist then I would like to take the time and explain in my own opinion the options about this topic.

First you need to weigh out your situation. By that I mean if you live in a neighbourhood where nudism is completely normal. Then why not. But remember, Just don’t go swinging open the door before checking the peek hole or similar. The last thing you want is to open the door to the girl scouts and have them drop their cookies they are selling screaming as they run away disturbed by what they saw. Alternatively, I personally keep a pair of shorts next to my desk… or a house coat on the hook on the front door so when I look in the peek hole and it’s somebody I do not know, I don’t want to offend them so I cover up. If it were up to me I would answer it un-covered. There is a fine line to nudism when it comes to this topic but I certainly would not like to offend someone. One should respect the fact that not everyone is comfortable with nudism and have an understanding.

When I do meet someone for the first time, I do take the time to ask them if they are comfortable with nudity and if it offends them. Most of the time they say they are ok with it so the initial shock isn’t as an impact if you never warned them prior. moreover, add a sign on your door and write something on the lines for them to ring the door bell if they are comfortable with nudity and if they are not, to knock on the door.

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  1. We did have a sign on the door at our previous address, (Naked Adults live here, You May See Them, If YOU Prefer NOT to see them please phone us first.) we don't have a notice now at our present address because we always put a bathrobe on before we answer the door. People who question our attire are simply told that we usually live naked. Around 85% say something like "Go ahead & do that, this is your home"
    Those that prefer us covered often begin their reply with words like "I am sorry I prefer you to be covered." So they are 'sorry' for their own attitude to nudity.

    • I like the way you are thinking, "So they are 'sorry' for their own attitude to nudity."
      That is a real good one, if you take ik literary you are perfectly right of course. I would say that if they are sorry for their own attitude they should do something about it.

  2. I think to some extent I agree with comments above, but we have found that a majority of people that come to our door are comfortable with our nakedness if they are pre-warned. Many now willingly stop for a chat & to some degree our nudity is not noticed or becomes 'disregarded'.

  3. I don't think we should open the door being naked, it is a matter of respect. Why would we make someone feel uncomfortable… Or just put up a sign saying behind this door you may encounter naked people 🙂

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