Toxic Clothing

While researching turmeric and curcumin supplements I ran across an article regarding toxic clothing. A quick search on the Internet, turned up an alarming number of sites proclaiming similar information regarding a wide array of health hazards related to clothing and it's potential to wreak havoc on our bodies.

The body absorbs what is put on the skin, including pesticides and other toxins contained in clothing. Clothing also restricts the skins ability to breathe and thus hinders the release of toxins from the body.

In this regard, many nudists really are healthier than our textile friends. A fact that should help support a nudist lifestyle when taking to friends, family, or government regulators that attempt to impose laws against nudity.

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  1. Yes, clothing is generally harmful to humans. Clothing harbors lots of bacteria and other disease spreading infectious agents. Shoes are even worse. The risk may be justified going outside in mid-winter, but not when its warm enough to be a natural human body.

  2. A friend asked for some links to review, here are a few that I read:
    And the list goes one as far as one would like to chase the rabbit.

    Granted not everything on the Internet is true, but I think there is quite a bit of evidence that show without a doubt that many of our clothes have been through toxic soup before reaching us.

    Ever been to a bon fire or smokey restaurant? What did your clothes smell like the next day when you threw them in the washer? Now multiply that by all the pollutants you encounter on a daily basis. How many of these nasties embed themselves into the fabric of your clothing? Wash your clothes and put them in the dryer, how many chemicals did you just expose your clothes and thus yourself to?

    Dryer sheet toxins:

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