What naturism means to me?

When I get home for the office, the first thing is getting naked, that
moment is so pure the whole body free of tight clothing. It feels so
much better in natural. Not that being naked is the most important to
me, but I feel most comfortable in my birthday suit.

It is much more, the body exposed to sun, sea and wind or weather
circumstances. The best way is to describe when you are on holiday on
a nudist resort, 24/7 doing all in the nude. When you have to leave
back home and the first time you have to wear clothes, which feeling
of that moment is so special the fact the body is accustomed to the
naked lifestyle and forgot all about being dressed.

But it is more, the social character from nudism/naturism is very
important to me too, to know people that understand the feeling,
exchange advice, share nude time, or more nude activities. But it
could be nice just for a naked coffee or dinner.

When on holiday or on a nude camping I do like to watch people, just
to see the pleasure from the faces, all in the nude, and how natural
it is to be all naked.

But so far there are a lot of restrictions in this world, I want to
try to make more possible for more nude acceptance and more
possibilities to be naked outdoors, and maybe some more nude indoor
activities during the winter.

Naturism means a lot to me, not sure I ever will be able to describe
this in a few words.

Njoy being naked to you all!


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