Wild and naked in Scotland

I saw Scotland described as puritanical in another blog, so I thought
I'd say something good about being a naturist in Scotland. Living in
the Highlands, I'm surrounded by the most sparsely populated
countryside in the UK. Within a short walk of home, I can be wondering
the hills naked or skinny dipping in a hill lochan. Within a couple of
hours' drive are some of the best, and quietest, beaches in the UK
literally miles of sand and next to nobody on it.. Where better to
indulge in my favourite pastimes of naked rambling and naked swimming?
OK, so the attitudes of the police and judiciary are somewhat
backward, but unless you're a hard-liner who refuses to dress under
any circumstances, it's really not hard to avoid trouble by covering
up when challenged or better still keeping an eye out for other people
and covering up before they get too close.

The bonus is that we're living out of town and my garden isn't
overlooked. So long as I keep and eye open for the farmer's occasional
visits to the fields below us, I can garden in the nude whenever the
fancy takes me.

I moved here from the South of England a few years ago and can promise
any potential visitors that it's so much easier to enjoy outdoor
nudism here. We even have an official nudist beach in the Highlands if
that's your thing (not mine, I'd much rather an empty beach all to

What's that? Oh, the weather! Well, OK you do need to choose yours
days but the sun does shine here too.

Keep an eye on this blog and as the weather warms, I'll keep you
posted on my outings.

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