Премьера моего Ютуб канала!!!

Hello! First of all, I want to convey a huge gratitude to my friends, those whom I know on social networks is “In contact”, it is “Facebook”. I have a lot of friends naturists from other countries, the geography is huge: Europe, Canada, the United States, I will not list all the countries to accidentally someone not to forget, not to offend. Guys thank You very much for the moral support that you gave me when you learned that I will create this channel. I created it, we can say, with Your help so thank You very much, and we begin!!! Today at 21:00 Moscow time, do not miss!, premiere of my video on YouTube channel “Notes of the naturist”.


3 thoughts on “Премьера моего Ютуб канала!!!”

  1. We wish you every success and happiness. It is so good to have naturist friends in many countries & to have a wonderful experience of enjoying daily routines naked. My entire life has been naturist (68 years now!) and many of my family still live nude at home and anywhere it is possible. Continue being happy and very friendly, you are spreading the news about our lifestyle, naked & natural.

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