NATURISM or NUDISM. What’s different?

Good day! My name is Mila and I am pleased to welcome You to my channel “Notes of a naturist”. Today I will cover the topic what is the difference between naturism and nudism. Or maybe this difference is not? Let’s understand. In General, nudity has long been inherent in man, if we talk about naturism, for example, when it arose, you can generally plunge into our history, plunge into antiquity, where the naked body was welcomed, people generally engaged in physical education naked. Or you can remember any Indian sages, a separate caste who lead the practice of nudity, about which many are described on the Internet, they practice rapprochement with nature, but most importantly, I think that this is the weather conditions, because it is difficult to imagine any Chukchi peoples, leading the practice of naturism at home, as a native. So, how did we even get naturism? Where he came? When he emerged? In General, the human desire for nudity is a natural thing. It is natural for each of us. If, for example, we remember our young children when they are hot, when we put something on him, he takes off these clothes as something extra and he does not understand why it should be worn. We are talking about, you have to dress, you have to close these places should be closed, etc. and in principle, clothing it depends on the mentality, of some people it is, and some peoples all remained as it was before. Let’s look at some of the African tribes, they feel great with no clothes on, and consider it the norm. And if you take our European man in the street, he sees a naked man on the street, decides to call the police, then the man something with his head. What has affected us in General? We were influenced by society. I come back to this question as naturism was born. And where it might have originated. It wasn’t born anywhere, it was born in Europe. It originated in Europe, which has passed the difficult ages, when the body was considered a “vessel of sin”, it was hidden in every possible way, it was even mocked by self-flagellation. It was unacceptable to wash. For this Europe and paid, various epidemics, especially the most terrible is the plague. Over time, there was a surge in Europe. I also thought a lot about it and waited for a surge in France, as France is a revolutionary leader. But the surge occurred in Germany and in the late 18th – early 19th century the idea of nudity was born, the idea that it is good, and this was given a scientific basis and there was a tendency that nudity is a unity with nature. Being without clothes a person feels nature more, respects it more. Naturism itself increased this philosophy. As for naturism, I think I described it quite well, and now nudism. In General, for the layman that nudists that naturists are the same. But still there is a line. Nudists are people who for freedom from clothes, they like to sunbathe without clothes, consider clothes as something superfluous and calmly expose their body, but they can not go deep into philosophy, not support, but just relax without clothes. If you look at some interviews or essays of naturists, where if naturists are called nudists they object, no, we are not nudists we are naturists, we are the people who preach the philosophy of the relationship with nature, nudity. Here is such a graduation, it can not be said as in school: here is one formula, here is another. Then I said, naturism, nudism here. No. This is a very smooth gradation, and still the difference is those people who preach naturism from people supporting naked stay there. Such a small my essay, if you consider otherwise or I can be told something not so or not told. You please write in the comments, we will discuss it in the following videos.

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