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Hello! First of all, I want to convey a huge gratitude to my friends, those whom I know on social networks is “In contact”, it is “Facebook”. I have a lot of friends naturists from other countries, the geography is huge: Europe, Canada, the United States, I will not list all the countries to accidentally someone not to forget, not to offend. Guys thank You very much for the moral support that you gave me when you learned that I will create this channel. I created it, we can say, with Your help so thank You very much, and we begin!!!
Hi friends, I am pleased to welcome You to my channel “Notes naturist”, the purpose of creating my channel is to promote naturism, so that as many people know what naturism is to dispel the myths that exist about naturism.
On my channel I will tell a lot of things, I will tell about the history of naturism, as it arose. I will definitely touch on the topic of how naturism differs from nudism. Anyway, there is a gradation and we will discuss it. I will be happy to answer Your questions, I will cover the topics that you will offer me, and we will also touch on many issues related to naturist activities, these are problems that exist, for example, in Russia. We will touch upon many questions that arise to us, from other people: who say that nudists are people with disabilities, or why you go naked, it is harmful to your health, especially women. Issues a lot of course and in order to discuss them I decided to create this channel.
The idea of creating this channel, I had a very long time, about a year. I myself at the time, came to the naturism that I discovered certain things, I opened my inner world, made a step to freedom! And I believe that naturism is primarily a philosophy. Not for nothing is the definition that naturism is nudity in harmony with nature. This definition came at the international Congress of naturists in 1974.
My videos will be themed. Follow the announcements of my videos, subscribe to my channel, press the “bell”, ask your questions in the comments, I will read them carefully, I will try to answer each of them. And in the next video we will take a broad look at the topic: “what is the difference between naturism and nudism” and we will study it with you.

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