"Out Of The Mouths… !"

"Out Of The Mouths Of Babes" is a phrase I never really completely understood. I do realise that children have a sense of innocence that just doesn't recognise adult boundaries or sensibilities. What I hadn't taken into account was the way an 'innocent' sentence from a small child can contain enough truth to make some adults squirm!
My wife and I were having a quiet sociable afternoon naked with another couple and we were simply browsing old photographs. Coffee & biscuits were in plentiful supply along with a restricted selection of 'chocolate' coated or flavoured cakes & sweet things! The images from years gone by brought many reminiscences and a few roars of laughter at the way we have 'adapted' to all the effects of passing years. Our niece Lisa arrived with her young son, they settled in and they too were soon nude. Lisa enjoyed looking at some photo's she hadn't seen before and many that included her as a very small child more than 35 years ago.
Her son had been really good and had occupied his time clearing our patio plant containers ready for a new batch of spring 'growing things' as he called it. His energetic young torso suddenly launched in-between myself and our female friend who was just about to reach for anther cake. The lad looked at a photo of myself wearing shirt & shorts around 20 to 25 years ago, then he looked at my paunch now exposed to his view. He calmly said to 'Glenda', "Maybe too many cakes made his tummy expand but it may not have been just cakes!"
Somehow the appeal of those crumbly mouth watering sponge delicacies was drastically gone! Glenda patted her own abdomen and whispered, "I'll not need any meal tonight if I have more cakes!"
Is it times like this when it is difficult to rebuke a young lad, or would it have been tactical to take him quietly to aside and point out how his remark may have been received? I think my wife took the awkward moment away by saying, "Cakes alone didn't cause that waistline expansion, it was a few years of relaxing after even more years of working hard, his tummy relaxed more than he did!"

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