Contact information:
Email address:

Phone Number (optional):
Do you own? Rent?
Activity Plans:
Family Information:
Number of Nudist Members in your family:___
Have all the Members of the family agreed to this Adoption? Yes___ No___
Number of Naturists you wish to Adopt? ___

Have you Adopted a Naturist before? Yes___ No___
Do you expect your family situation to change?
Is there anyone in the family allergic to Naturists?
Why do you want to adopt a Naturist(s)? (check all that apply)
Companion for Family___ Companion for Individual family member___ Companion for another Naturist___ Gift___ Garden___ Stable/Barn___ or, Watch Naturist___
Have you had Naturist(s) in the past? Yes__ No__
Do you currently have an Adopted Naturist? Yes__ No__
Emergency Contact Information:
Name______________ Address___________________________________
Phone Number_________________ Alt. Phone Number________________
Have you ever given an adopted Naturist away or relinquished an adopted Naturist to a club, resort, or shelter?
If yes, what were the circumstances?
Adopted Naturist Information:
How long have you been looking to adopt a Naturist(s)?
How often will you feed your adopted Naturist(s)?
How much time are you prepared to allow for your adopted Naturist(s) to adjust to your Family?___
Will you be able to provide your Naturist(s) with adequate rations of rum, er I mean Sun & water?___
Are you able to afford to host an adopted Naturist(s)? Yes___ No___
How much do you expect to spend on maintenance for your adopted Naturist(s) per week?
Are you committed to providing a safe, warm, sunny & healthy life for your adopted Naturist(s)?
What do you plan to do with your adopted Naturist(s)?
Who in the Family will be the adopted Naturist(s) care giver?
When you are out on the town, who will be the adopted Naturist(s) primary care giver?
In case of emergency who will care for your adopted Naturist(s)?
Where will your adopted Naturist(s) be kept during the day?
During the night?
And while on vacation?

How many times per day do you plan to take your adopted Naturist(s) outside, & in the Sun?
How do you plan to house train your adopted Naturist(s)?
Do you have a high (privacy) fenced yard for your adopted Naturist(s)?
How many hours per day will your adopted Naturist(s) be left alone?
What would you do if your adopted Naturist(s) develops a problem with:
Excessive Drinking?
Separation Anxiety?
Urine marking?
Aggressive Barking?

Personal References:
1. Name___________________ Relationship______________ Phone#______________
2. Name___________________ Relationship______________ Phone#______________
By signing below, I certify that the information I have given is true.
I understand that we reserve the right to deny my application for any reason.
Applicant:______________________________ Date___________
Please print and return with $150,000.00 cash, non-refundable deposit.

Thank you for your interest in Adopting a Naturist(s)!(sun)

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